ogads + instagram

  1. bkenn

    Ogads Application rejected

    Just read a method here, and wanted to try it out with ogads only to get a message that states that my application was rejected. Im pretty much amused about the rejection, can someone kindly tell me how to knock their door properly so that they will open it this time ?
  2. Balaurul23


    Hey world, I made goads and i would like to create a blocked file, with a questionnaire or something, to make traffic using instagram accounts,some tips?
  3. samir07

    who i can get it free Ogads landing page?

    hello it's my first post here :) i want to ask for a Ogads landing pages, who i can get it??
  4. ThatBritishGuy

    Best CPA Network?

    I have recently been reading up on different cpa methods and seemingly these methods all work through different sites. I am wondering if there is any clear winner for certain people? I know a lot of this will probably be personal opinion to most but I would much appreciate input no matter the...
  5. M

    OGads + IG + FB Journey

    Hi, This if my first journey on BHW, I am posting this to document and get your advice for improvement and to keep myself motivated. I got this far: * Custom Landing Page for gift cards made on instapage trial and hosted on pagedemo domain, the page requires email and locker to subscribe to the...
  6. M

    IG +Ogads+ BitLy or domain?

    Hi, I created my LP and added a locker to start after 2seconds then added bitly in the bio, would this flag the out to be banned? I also bought a custom domain pointed to by bitly, which one is the safest on IG?Thanks
  7. Ikls

    OGAds reject help

    Hey guys, I am creating IG accounts farm and want to make money by OGAds. But OGAds reject my apply. any one can help me, thank you!
  8. Unbrilliant

    Insane earnings Journey from OGAds

    Hello, my name is Unbrilliant and I'm an OGAds affiliate and I've been running a campaign generating $200/Day. The method that I've been using isn't saturated and I'm pretty sure that I and a friend are the only ones doing it. I'd like to document my Journey as I scale up from $200/Day to...
  9. Iron Sheik

    Making Money With Instagram and OGads 2018

    Hey Black Hat World, So I have seen a lot of older posts about using OGAds.com and putting links on an Instagram bio to make money. Well, it's September 2018 now. Does this method still work? Ogads.com sounds kind of too good to be true. Also, how much can one expect to make with an Instagram...
  10. ThePlugMichael

    OgAds + Instagram Help!

    I've been reading a lot of forums about OgAds and Instagram, and 2 weeks ago i started doing it myself. I have 3 Instagram accounts and i'm running them all manually. On a good day i get about 30 - 40 clicks and about 10 conversions ($2) however normally i get about 15 - 25 clicks and about 5...
  11. E

    Unlimited Money on OGADS?

    Hey boys, I JUST got approved for my OGADS account and I have a few questions...What's stopping me from getting a second phone, clicking on my own links and installing the apps to make myself money? I could always delete the apps, use a VPN, and keep clicking on the link and downloading the...
  12. vcc

    ogads big scam don't put all of your egg on this busket

    Hello My friends Its Really true ogads Going scam its user with just banning account , i am doing only adwords + ogads incentive and all my traffic comes from adowrds camping to my ogads android incentive app , after reaching 260$ ogads banned my account without any reason , and my account...
  13. bllec1998

    [Help] Legal Issues Regarding OGAds

    So basically I am getting some consistent money everyday on OGAds through IG accounts. I am planning to scale this up big time, and this brings a bigger concern to my mind. Is it possible to get into a big legal problems by promoting offers such as free followers, gift cards, clash royale...
  14. billionaire2050

    My OGAds Journey

    Just another newbie here with another ogads journey. So I joined OGAds a few days ago and honestly haven't completely understood how people get conversions from spam accounts on IG, I'm still reading everyday. For me, I own an Imagine Dragons FB fanpage of around 6k likes, and idk why but most...
  15. BMike47

    OGads + IG = Sucess + Payments

    so i've just reached 50$+ via ogads. and it took like 3 month, steps to my success: Build a organic instagram page Promote CPA by doing a legit landing page. have some designs skills to make the promos for your landing page post them on your IG page every 2 days. (i used no autopliot bot...
  16. D

    What are the best IG cpa niches?

    What are the best IG cpa niches for IG + OGADS?
  17. Uzii

    How Do I Start To Get Clicks?

    I have my CPA link in a certain manual redirect site popular with instagram, and in the past two days I've gotten no clicks. I use GMT2 and follow 150 people per day as well as use the repost function making the top line say "check out (OGAds Offer), link in bio." but I haven't noticed any...
  18. A

    cant share og ads content locker site

    i tried sending the link to a few people and tried putting it in my instagram but it wont let me because the link is suspicious
  19. Uzii

    OGAds Landing Page Issue

    Just to check if my landing page was working, on another device i went to my instagram and clicked the link. I then proceeded to my landing page and completed everything up to the point of the offer. At this point, OGAds should say I got 1 click, however, it still says 0 clicks. Ideas?
  20. D

    Ogads + Adult Niche.. whats wrong?

    Hi Im using ogads content locker to monetize my adult accounts on IG. I Have 68 impressions, 3 clicks and 0 convertion. Bad stats I think, whats wrong with my approach? I mean im using a pre-lander (you are getting out of ig) -> lander (free leadsanity) - > content locker But is not working...