ogads + cpa

  1. ATuringtest

    Explain to me Ogads and the concept of Content Locking as if I'm dumb..

    I'm trying to think of a new project, I have an Ogads account. I think I can write some novel code that can get people to click on links. I've watched videos.. Read articles I can see people can make money with it.. I just cant get my fucking head around what it its and how it works and how best...
  2. Aiden L

    New domain for pdf method?

    Might be a stupid question but if I'm using the pdf method to rank in google does it matter if my domain is only a couple of weeks old?
  3. htoolas

    Ogads or cpabuild?

    Hi, I registered an account on both sites, but I don't know which is the best By working with content lock, ogads has a good CPI offers and cpabuild has good pin submit offers. What you suggested? If you worked on them before.
  4. B

    Trying to test my Ogads (2020) offer help!

    first off im new to cpa/ content locking and ogads so bare with me I chose an email opt ( fortnite ) in that i thought i had a good source of traffic for then created the content locker which isnt much to create since you cant switch up the questioning ? I chose a free vbucks give away offer...
  5. M

    problem with ogads

    hi im new here i need help i have 2 accounts snapchat i get every day 1500 views in snaps I put link content locker or file locker in snap every day I make $20 but last days I make $10 or less than I don't why I need help in other snapchat I put links people told me they download apps but I...
  6. Ankith K Shetty

    Any Content Locker that doesn't deny me?

    Hi, I am trying to get into content locking business. But I am being rejected where ever I am applying. Rejected in: Ogads Crack Revenue Maxbounty Is there any networks where I can earn with content locking and where a beginner can get approved easily?
  7. Raunakdope

    OGAds is Scam..........

    I have been promoting a content locker from ogads on youtube but they are not even showing the link clicks. I have shortened it with bit.ly so when I checked its stats it showed 24 clicks but og ads was showing 0 clicks. Is anyone experiencing this.
  8. Foletto

    [Journey] Ogads + Youtube method 2020

    Hello BHW, So I've read a lot about Ogads + Youtube so I wanted to give a try and I got some leads but the earning is low I guess so here is my earning for today I earned this with 400vues only 4 videos I'm promoting gaming nich Can anyone provide some tips to scale sorry for my...
  9. Foletto

    How To Add my ogads content locker on wix landing page

    Hello BHW , i hope u are all fine ! I just created a Landing page on wix , and i stucked , i don't know how to embed my content locker from ogads ! Can you show me how or give an advice ! Thanks in advanced ♥ Sorry for the english !
  10. Foletto

    Promote Ogads landing pages through emails

    Hello , I’m trying to promote OgAds offers with a requested landing page through emails I just wanna know if it’s okey to do that ! And if i will get banned or something.. Sorry for my bad english and Thank you !!
  11. mehdilhy

    Your Tips And Tricks To Increase Conversions/Leads

    [/IMG] Hello Fellow Members! These past weeks , I've been improving my YouTube seo skills , and I improved a lot ! From 10 visits a day to 1000 visits ! The issue is , I only made 15 dollars ( No cost) I think that 15 dollars is a pretty good amount to start with , but I feel I can earn much...
  12. Balaurul23


    Hey world, I made goads and i would like to create a blocked file, with a questionnaire or something, to make traffic using instagram accounts,some tips?
  13. S

    Low conversions with Ogads, any help is appreciated

    Hello I have a website that I try to monetize with Ogads by locking the link to a file. I've tried File Locker and Content Locker and here's an interesting detail: When I use File Locker I have low conversion rate (around 1.2-1.5%) but high CTR (clicks/locker impressions) - up to 70%. When I use...
  14. D

    Ogads Captcha Locker Help please

    Hi,I can't add captcha locker to my landing page.I want to use this on a diamond generator site.Anyone can help me?
  15. Salman.Ahmed

    Need help with content locking

    I'm targeting free apps on my website and when a person touches download it shows an offer. I don't know how to do that on Ogads and what type of offers should I prioritized first. Also, Any tips for me I'll highly appreciate it :) .
  16. Salman.Ahmed

    Conversions disappeared Ogads

    I got two conversions and made 0.42 cents and the dashboard was showing me 0.21 . I ignored it and then today I lost my clicks and money without any notice. What happened and how to it? I contacted bobby and still waiting for the reply.
  17. Mohit Masand

    Help needed yt+ cpa (Ogads)

    i have been working since january doing yt cpa. i had a old channel which got banned on 9th feb. after that i been strugggling to make money. in january i made around $37.20 and was going good in 1st week of feb but after channel banned i could only make $9 in all feb now i am not getting any...
  18. ahmar2

    OGAds vs MaxBounty CPA Offers for IG Traffic

    Hello Everyone, I am about to buy some aged IG accounts, dedicated proxies and some automation tool like Grambot or GMT2. I plan to put links of my websites with easy to fill CPA offers. Basically it will be a domain name redirecting to an affiliate offer. Regarding Affiliate Offers what...
  19. realhuntguyz

    How To Send Traffic To Ogad's Offers

    Hello BHW, I'm just getting started with CPA, and have been working and doing some research concerning Ogad (seems to offer good offers) I have a budget of $500 and looking for expert advice when it comes to marketing. Thank you.
  20. NetLoss

    Goal of $30/month became making $100/month. OGAds. CPA+YouTube

    It's been two and a half months since I got started with OGAds CPA+YouTube method. From the day I released my landing page and YouTube video, I've had not done anything. Earnings in November was $130. December $130 again. My original goal was ~$30/month. Complete rookie, so my goal was low...