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  1. ryzendrak

    Is game hack prohibited on almost all CPA networks

    Hey guys, I'm new to CPA and doing lots of learning, many people have been saying game hack is a good place to start with CPA Marketing, but something isn't adding up. On OGAds and AdBlueMedia, they state that using fake content is prohibited, but on BHW, I see many people claiming to do game...
  2. ryzendrak

    CPA Journey - Making my first CPA buck

    Hey guys, Ryzendrak here. Some of you may recognise me from my failed dropshipping journey. Yep, that's me and I'm back again! :D However this time, it's CPA. I have done my research on CPA for some time now and I realised something I and CPA go way way back! Back in 2013, GTA V was released I...
  3. I

    I need some advice

    I need your help on how to filter offers and how to convince the user to complete the offer and that there is no risk to him. Users are afraid to complete offers with a pin
  4. louklonima

    Tiktok And CPA (ogads)

    Greetings everyone! I hope this message finds you all in excellent spirits. I wanted to reach out to you today to discuss my use of TikTok as a platform for promotion, and I am seeking some guidance in identifying a niche that garners significant search volume. As I delve into the realm of...
  5. d1aco

    Problem with OGAds AI widget

    Hey, super excited about the new OGAds AI widget as it's basically free customer support for your landing page. Anyway, there is only a small problem with this whole thing. Which is... This. This happens on every locker of mine, any device, any browser I have tried. Yes, I have added a...
  6. D

    → [How can I spam yt channels?] ←

    Hi, I have some blackhat niche but the videos stay only 3-4 days and make like $5 and then banned. I figured out if I will spam yt channels I can make daily like $40.. How I can spam yt channels? If I create channel lets say within the same ip adress will I be detected? I think yes.. Should I...
  7. dropthemic

    Ogads decline my application

    I applied 3 times to OgAds and had the same result...Can you help me please with what I could do to be accepted?
  8. T

    [Journey] Ogads + YTAds (50$/day?)

    Hello everyone, Welcome to my first CPA journey, It's going to be YTAds + Ogads Content Locker In the last year I focused a lot on CPA Marketing and this is my first experience with paid traffic and I decided to start this month with YTAds. I have already started doing this, I have invested...
  9. fxony

    CPA + YT | Game Publishers Strike My Videos

    Hi there, I wanted to ask, how can I avoid those game publishers to copyright strike my videos about their game? When I go to more details about strike, there are no timestamps that they copyrighted or any reason why It was copyrighted, so I can't actually know what to avoid during recording...
  10. vsslvn

    TikTok Free Traffic Monetization with Ogads Content Locker (Journey)

    Hi BHW, I've been working with Ogads for a long period of time 7years+, and I have seen success in the past promoting on Youtube with Seo, some times with google ads too. I was making around 100$ to 1k$ per day. The past 2 years I stopped working Since I always wanted to do Ecommerce I wasted...
  11. R

    Ask me anything about YT + CPA, SMM, Traffic Boost Beginners and Experts

    Hello everyone, Today I am sharing my years of experience in YouTube and CPA, as well as SMM panels and boosting videos. I currently work with OGAds and CPABuild networks. I am happy to answer any questions you may have, with the exception of specific video ideas. Some examples of questions...
  12. A

    My journey to make over 8500$ in cpa marketing

    Hi, firsty sorry for my bad English, cause he didn’t my native language. so a little about me, I’m from Morocco I really live in 3rd world country , I have 19 years old I leave school, and now I do cpa, I have made over 8k$ in my journey with cpa YouTube. So what I do: I make my own videos...
  13. Lucas04

    Making $1000 is not worth for me

    Hello, everyone hope you guys are doing well, I'm doing cpa marketing from last 1.5 years and making $1000 a months I'm attaching payment proofs too. I am writing this thread for help from you guys - I'm getting paid a good amount but I don't want to stuck at one place anymore. All the...
  14. Norman_drey

    Ogads leads method

    I tried completing ogads survey and I found out that is very dificult for users to complete task, page keeps redirecting from one tab to another, after everything the survey didn't convert Please how do I get leads because I'm tired of getting tons of link click without lead, I wanna sell the...
  15. FaizanAnsari

    (BlackHat Method) Which CPA Traffic methods are working these days? OGADS and CPAbuild Traffic Method

    Hello Everyone! in 2020 I stopped working in CPA Marketing 4 month ago i started working again Niche: i use Blackhat niches as everyone uses in OGAds and CPAbuild i struggle with the traffic i don't know which traffic methods are working on those days i tried many methods but it's killing me...
  16. Better_call_me

    The current problem with Ogads

    I'm making $200+ every day on US offers. Most users noticed that it only takes a few hours after starting a new day 90% of the US offers gets capped. It is impossible to earn normally all day long. If it weren't like that, I would earn 5x as much. Is there someone here who also makes money...
  17. med9

    OGads Bad support!

    Guys, by God, it is not possible to deal badly from this company. I brought them all the details, and it is also not useful to reply to messages per day once, for a week, every day, a message wasting time, frankly, cpabuild is better
  18. thelonewold3005

    Journey to 300$ per day on OGAds In 2022

    Introduction Hi Cris Here, I am 24 years old and need to start making money ASAP. I have all day to test and I can program any tool to help me promote on YouTube. A picture of my setup: https://snipboard.io/CyZkLG.jpg GOAL: the target is 250$ every single day. I know it can be done with...
  19. unit999

    Journey to 2000$ Autopilot on OGAds In 2022

    Introduction Hi Jonty Here, i am work with ogads last 4 year but first 2 year not work due to work with other network.. i am work with also paid traffic and free traffic.. like Fb and Google.. target health niche and ecom product. But i am plan to start work with ogads and try with different...
  20. Professor7

    [CPA Journey] OGads + My secret Websites for advertisement.

    Hello friends, I do 9 to 5 offline jobs. I have very little time to work online. The reason for doing an offline job is my government job. I just come online for a short time and then leave after doing my work. I create a campaign on my secret website and it takes only 5 to 15 minutes max, I...
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