offshore domain

  1. Nezuko Kamado

    Njalla registered domain deactivated

    My registered domain from njalla has been deactivated without sending email or ticket. Niche: Moviesite Newly registered domain 1 month ago, low traffic, no ads, clean website, no illegal activities ex: deceptive download link except it is a moviesite. Early days of njalla registrar is tucows...
  2. J

    How to make a website completely offshore?

    I have a porn website and I want to go fully offshore. * The domain name is registered by Namecheap, what will happen to the details that I provided to Namecheap when I transfer to other domains providers? * Is alexhost [dot] com a good choice for offshore hosting? * What step should I take for...
  3. H

    Domain got suspended due to court order ! What's next?

    Hello all, Godaddy suspended one domain due to court order (DMCA copyright), what next can godaddy share with the legal team who sent the order of court? Will there be any further consequences in legal matter or this thing is done here? And what if someone start a new website with different...
  4. D

    Looking for offshore hosting that ignores takedown services

    Hello BHW members I am looking for a hosting provider (if possible also where I can register domain). It is important that the hosting provider ignores DMCA or other takedown services like Netcraft. If you know one please contact me, reply or send me a dm. I am also available on sk- yp e ...
  5. Rollfic

    Bulletproof Offshore Domain n Hosting?

    So, .com and .net to avoid? What abt .org and .co? People don't generally click on and trust .to lol so concerned. shinjiru's .com/.net/.org is $19.95 and - Under ICANN US Laws applicable USA Domain shinjiru's .co is $29.95 and - Not under ICANN US Laws not applicable No DMCA Shutdown No...
  6. D

    List of Real Offshore Hostings

    Hi, are you trying to find real offshore hostings? That allow a couple of things, that others don't do? No problem, I will list some of them for you. (Forget any Offshore Hosting from UK/USA is only trash, just like Sharkservers from the marketplace that are hosted on UK/USA..) 1. Before...
  7. duong365

    Problem with DMCA namecheap abuse, what should i do?

    Hello, blackhat members (Dear Admin, If I put it in wrong place, please move to right one) 1, I want to ask for suggestion or what should i do when someone send an email to me , also send cc to abuse @ namecheap com . Really I have a domain here, and for movie streaming ( but just embed video)...
  8. B

    What TLD or ccTLD offshore domain to register

    Hi, we tried search but found no recent info on what are the best offshore domain registars and what extensions are bulletproof for a long term domain (we don't want to be taken down) I saw but some say they aren't reliable, we need a registar that won't take down our domain, can...
  9. F

    Offshore domain registrar?

    Hi, When i search on google i only see outdated articles from 2010-2012... Anyone know what's the best offshore domain registrar in 2017? Currently i'm using but today i got a e-mail from them: I don't host anything on my forum (replied to them) but i don't like...
  10. FormerBoxer

    Buying Domains & Hosting Offshore

    What is the benefits of buying domains and hosting offshore? I notice some businesses do this. Anybody recommend a good domain register offshore?
  11. J

    I got robed from on offshore hosting provider.

    Hi - I'm new here as a member but a regular reading the forums since 2014. Who's a decent domain name provider that doesn't compile with UK laws and them annoying people called "LegitScript". I've just been turned over by ccihosting; who claims to be independent! (Panama) Long story short, I...
  12. R

    Staying Anonymous Plan - Offshore Domain & Hosting (Need Advice)

    Hi there, I have been reading around forums and looking for the best solution on how to hide myself from DMCA complaints in the future. I haven't received any yet, but just to stay save I'd like to make myself a ghost in the best possible way. But before doing that I would like to consult with...
  13. Last_Legend

    Domain Registration Isuue..

    Hello Hatters.. I plan to register few domains today but looking for protected offshore domain. I google many times but did not get good result from there.. Please PM if you know any company who can provide Protected Offshore Domains. Thanks in Advance
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