offline gold

  1. goingreen

    How do I get in front of business owners ?

    Ive been offline marketing for alittle while now and Im having some issues getting in front of business owners to push my SEO and website business. Cold calling on the phone is abit of a problem getting through receptionists and gatekeepers. Im working on just walking up and dropping off flyers...
  2. blackma

    Wickedly smart offline idea...

    Well seeing that it's a lazy kind of Sunday I thought I'd share a story with you lot. The other month i got a flyer in the door telling me about a sale that will be happening in a hotel down the road from me. Basically said that the operators of the sale were closing down their business and...
  3. L

    Offline Consulting Idea

    I know the offline niche is super hot right now. But I think one of the main problems that consultants may have is actually providing live examples of websites and services. So I'm wondering if any BHW members would be willing to have their websites used by those starting their offline...
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