offline cpa

  1. D

    Feedback on my cpa campus flyer plan- Goal to earn first dollar in IM

    Hi!*I plan to next try a CPA iphone offer on a quarter flyer (simple black and white) with a .com domain handed out at a nearby NYC/Long Island college campus(through fiverr) before the start of class (with a QR code.) Other ideas include CPAs related to vaporizer cigarettes, books, general gift...
  2. D

    CPA that allows offline marketing?

    Hello! I know that Peerfly doesn't allow offline marketing(I asked.) Does anyone know of a a CPA network that would allow handing out/posting flyers on a college campus?
  3. iwantl00t

    USPS - Every Door Direct Mail

    Hey - I'm looking into an offline venture - has anybody in the US used "USPS EDDM" for their marketing efforts? I'm currently doing some research on it, but would like to see some feedback from BHW'ers as well. :thanks:
  4. bornformoney

    Hot niches! Facebook+offline = SUCCESS!

    Note to mods: I've similar/same thread in the money making section...any mod can delete that thread because I thought this is the most appropriate section for the method I'm talking about. My bad that I didn't think of this in the first place, but I'll never repeat this...Thanks for forgiving...
  5. goingreen

    Does passing out flyers to promote a CPA actually work?

    There's been alot of threads going around talking about promoting CPA accounts by passing out physical flyers. Has using this method worked or failed for you?
  6. D

    Can anyone recommend a good product conerning...

    I'm looking for a solid product that discusses offline techniques for CPA offers. I have had success setting up flyers on campus and now I want to take it to the next level. Isn't there a product out there that discusses Offline CPA/Flyers/setting up 800 numbers cheap/ Domain redirection etc...
  7. P

    Copy My Offline Flier Method

    I guess it's a pay back time to fellow b/hatters and show you how I make money with affiliate programs using fliers door to door. First of all I use this method for only money making niche and payday loans. I market a variety of money making programs but in this case I will give you an example...
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