offline consulting

  1. L

    Got my first potential client! Need help asap!

    Hey everyone! Sorry my first post is for help but this is time sensitive. I've gotten a lot of great info from BHW and I'll soon be returning the favor! I met a woman at starbucks last week. We struck up a conversation and it turns out she recently opened a bar in a great part of town. Long...
  2. SEOMagic

    Local Marketing: What are the Best Questions to Ask Small Business Owners?

    I'm trying to move on to the next level with my local marketing business and start closing clients at higher dollar values ($2500+). So I want to start doing Strategy Sessions with my prospects before going for the close. What is/are some great questions to ask small business owners in my...
  3. socialmediaking

    I Just Closed A Deal For $1000 Month. Ask me anything.

    I just got home from a meeting with a Chiropractor. I walked out of his office, check in hand, and with an agreement for $1000 per month + marketing expenses. You can ask me any question you might have and if there is enough demand I can upload some of my documents. Obviously there are a lot of...
  4. goingreen

    Ultimate Motivation
  5. K

    How much should I charge this guy??

    Im starting to do some websites for some local business's, the one I'm working on right now is for a DJ. Of course the site he wants up is dead simple and will only take me about 2 hours to do, but based on what it's worth to him what should I charge this guy for just putting the site up? Also...
  6. iluvvegas

    Offline~seo~how much are you making per month & how many clients do you have?

    Hello, I was just curious how much are you OFFLINE MARKETING GURU's are making per month and how many clients do you have...??? Also wats the average you charge each client...???? thanks :)
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