not paying

  1. Mayocheesecake

    I broke the GOLDEN rule of business! - Advice?

    The GOLDEN rule of business: NEVER do business with family! So, a family member of mine (tech-illiterate) asked me to do several things for him - some of which I don't even do. My field of expertise is DevSecOp, but I have experience with web-dev and graphic design. However, tech-illiterates...
  2. D

    Client does not to pay me for my job done

    I found a client on Upwork a few months ago, but he didn't want to work with Upwork, but we made a non-disclosure deal, even though the guy was so irritating and pushy, the project went nice and smooth, and I managed it well. He paid for the first two months, But since October he owns $700 for...
  3. Take Action

    Marvikand scammed me $2K - No response after work completion.

    Hi, User @marvikand refusing to pay for the links we completed for his website. We have completed 3 editorial publications for his site, he didn't pay me nor responding to the emails/PM. I have attached the screenshots of the complete order details.
  4. S

    How do you deal with affiliate companies that don't pay ?

    Hello BHW, I have been promoting an offer which was related to my Niche,I Made some good money in first two months and even received Fast Response from my AM Regarding Payment.Now,they have discontinued their affiliate programme and they told they're gonna pay the finalised amount,Since past...
  5. W

    EWA Network NOT Paying

    Until this moment, I'm still waiting for my first payment which has been more than 3 months! Firstly I received a check from them which later was rejected or dishonoured by the bank (never in my entire IM life with other agencies) and of course I get hit by a hefty fees from the bank...
  6. N

    Depositfiles ... 10 Days And No Pay

    Last time i requested $14.35 and they took about 8 days to pay that. Then I requested $45.00 and that was 10 days ago and I have not heard anything from them. I wrote to them at least 6x asking for my money. It says on their website that anything over $40 is paid automatically but if you don't...
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