How do you deal with affiliate companies that don't pay ?

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    Hello BHW,

    I have been promoting an offer which was related to my Niche,I Made some good money in first two months and even received Fast Response from my AM Regarding Payment.Now,they have discontinued their affiliate programme and they told they're gonna pay the finalised amount,Since past few days i've been messaging the same AM.He asked me to message the team which handles the payments.After Messaging few times i got one email asking what payment is this related to [I Guess they have several companies under this] and since then i sent few emails asking about my status which i never got any reply from.

    I Again replied the AM and got a reply from him that he'd send the money using paypal since the money is under 1000$.I Said it's okay,But since then i didn't get any response from them it's been 4 days since the AM sent the last email and i sent him few emails asking about my status [ when do i get paid].But he's not responding to my emails neither his team is.

    What do you do in such cases ?