1. Takurah

    5 Threads on BHW You Should Be Following Today!

    Original Format: .. 5 Threads on BHW You Should Be Following Today! A comprehensive look at what's on BHW and why it holds value. Takurah 09.08.2021 BHW Lower Intermediate LVL INTRODUCTION I...
  2. CreateConsume

    Hey there BHW - Happy Turkey Day!

    Hey, what's going on, guys! I decided to make this account to talk to you guys and also make a journey thread. BHW has been an excellent place for me to learn for some time. There's a ton of gold here. I'm looking forward to talking to you guys and seeing how I might be able to help. I'm a...
  3. Joe Crowley

    The Beginning: Joe Crowley

    Well, I've been lurking on the forums for some time now, and when I say some time now, I mean about three weeks. The allure of this website is obvious. To begin, many users seem to be quite open about their revenue streams and willing to help others duplicate it. This is despite the fact that by...
  4. Laakshi Kaur

    Not a Silent Reader Anymore!

    You guys ROCK!!!!! I took a lot of ASO advise from here, reddit and quora. Slowly hours spend on quora and reddit reduced and now BHW is my main source of learning new ways, reading interesting stuff...apart from SE. You guys helped me go from No Rank to Rank 9 on google playstore! I am earning...
  5. F

    best threads In BHW for a noobie according to you

    what are the must read threads in BHW that you think every noobie in making money strategies should read ?
  6. S

    New to the forum

    Hey, I'm Shinobi. I just wanted to introduce myself since I am completely new to the forum. My main goal is to meet new people and find ways to improve myself and my marketing skills. Hope everyone has a good day.
  7. Mackie Tjan

    Noobie to BHW

    How the heck is everyone? I’m Mackie and pretty new to BlackHatter universe! I’m loving this site thus far! Hope to work with some of you coders in weeks to come!
  8. LvldUp

    As noobie on this site, can someone show the proper way to post links on forums?

    I am very new to BHW and love the activity of this community, I did realize I don't know if I am properly posting links in the correct and safe way. Could some be kind enough to post an example for me so I know the proper procedure? Whats the right way to post links to websites? Whats the...
  9. L


    Hey guys I'm brand new here, just start acc in motivational quote niche and have ~300 followers after a week. Does anyone have advice for following and liking and how much I can do? I only have access to an iPhone and an iPad and I haven't seen any free bots I can run from them. Any advice is...
  10. arcani

    In need of direction

    I've been in social media promotion, for a few years now. I've learned the small ways to make money through selling bigger accounts, and doing logos for small companies. But its never enough money where one wouldn't need a full time job somewhere else. Im interested as to how some people...
  11. Richie5Rich

    Another Brother from different Mother - Greetings from India

    Hi my name is Vaibhav aka Richie , M 25 from India. I was surfing web in the search to learn best digital marketing skills. Then one day i found BHW, i have read many posts on BHW. I like this website, People here are too much helpful. Now I m posting this message because i want to be...
  12. L

    So I've been reading on BHW for a while..

    and I just made an account because I am clueless on money making ideas. I really would like some referral to a post for a "noob" I guess to start making an income. If anyone can help me that'd be great because I really want to start making little money. I have $0 investment by the way. Thank...
  13. E

    Wanting to make a website, and earn money.

    Little about me: I'm a 15 (yeah i know, another one) year old wanting to make a website and some $$$. Wouldn't be bad to even make $10 a month to cover the hosting but, of course, i would like to make more. :D I'm wanting to make some sort of website and would like some suggestions. I have only...
  14. K

    "Noobie" here.. Hello! :3

    New here but I have been lurking for around 6-8 months decided to go full time online and make it a commitment! hope to meet a lot of rad people here and enjoy many good conversations.. I am excited to learn as much as I can!:cool:
  15. Prankster

    -Introduction About Me-

    Hi Guys, I am new in IM, I am a total noobi. The fact is that, till 6 months ago, I never thought that I will ever look towards IM. Since the recession, I lost my job and now I found how difficult, it is to get another job. So I decided to learn IM. Also couple of friends pointed out to me...
  16. T

    Hello BHW

    What's everyone I have be chillaxion for while just watching everyone I'm ready to get started any pointers on what I should get started with?:p
  17. D

    Starting out in this...

    Hey everyone.. i been reading non-stop on this forum for the past 2 weeks. and i have started a Blog.. all bout Macs and iphone. Since i'm a Mac fan boy heh. and i started to slowly try the craigslist method and ebay and signed up with neverblueads but i still need a few help. Whoever can help...
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