1. Izaguf

    ACCOUNTS STORE - Instagram PVA, Google PVA, Yahoo PVA, Facebook PVA and etc.

    Google+PVA Gmail PVA, Youtube PVA $0.2 per one Facebook PVA, non_PVA 0.2$ per one Instagram PVA, no_PVA $0.1 per one Hotmail PVA, no_PVA $0.02 per one Yahoo PVA, no_PVA $0.02 per one WhatsAPP PVA 0.2$ per one WeChat PVA 0.2$ per one Twitter PVA 0.2$ per one Telegramm 0.2$ per one Naver PVA...
  2. M

    Does PVA Phone Verification significantly reduce chance of login checkpoints?

    I am wondering if PVA versus Non-PVA Facebook accounts significantly reduce the chance of hitting login checkpoints, like requiring a mobile verification, photo verification, or DOB verification, at the start or in the future. I'll share that the purpose for my accounts use is very very moderate...
  3. D

    Need female FB profile.

    I need a female profile with at least 6 pictures of the same girl. Must be realistic (no models etc.) Account must be at least couple months old.
  4. lemondoo

    Fresh PVA accounts now getting banned just for adding a link

    So actually I added links to all my older accounts (they still are only a week old), and half of them are now banned :( it's only been a week's worth of work but I don't want to make the same mistakes again. Is IG checking through my pre-lander to see the OG Ads landing page, and then...
  5. saintbernardul

    Wall Posting with Non-PVA [Doesn't work for me]

    Hi guys, I have 500 Fresh Non-Pva accounts with no friends. I have 100 good non-blacklisted private proxies. But i can't post on walls . When i click Join Group--> Captcha. When i Post on Wall --> You must get verified.. What to do ? I think i must add friends, but how many to lift the limit...
  6. F

    1000 Non PVA accounts needed- PM me

    Hello, I need 1000 accounts. non pva us female age 20-30 1 photo no friends are needed. Actually, we all need friends, and Ill be your friend. But the accounts dont need friends.
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