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  1. X

    crowdsearch dont works - only impressions no clicks in google search console

    Dear friends, i tryed crowdsearch 2 month. and i must see, that i get only impressions from my selected keywords, no CPR. i make specialy tests with never selected keywords before, like "mybrand 1" "mybrand 2" and after few days i got exactly the same number impressions in my search console...
  2. B

    Bidvertiser not showing any clicks... O.o Need HELP!!!

    It's been like 10 days since i published Bidvertiser ads on my site, but isn't showing any clicks. My friends clicked the ads to help me, but no click is showing... I also enabled pop-under but no revenue is showing. It's time to leave Bidvertiser or do I have to wait? Need Help..
  3. G

    Newbie blogger asking for advices - no clicks

    Hey. I'm quite new on blogging. I have recently made couple of blogs just to experiment which gets readers and which doesn't. I registered for AdTracker program where most income would come by leads or sales. If any of you are familiar with the program my question one: When browsing registered...
  4. host32

    20 Placements - 10 Cents = No Clicks ?? Help !

    Hi Guys !! From about week and a half i opened my very first Adwords account and activated it and addeda coupon and everything is cool ! i watched a couple of videos about how to write good ad copies for the content netwrok and created my first ad copy and selected 20 placments very carefuly...
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