1. thevideoguy

    Ninja leaves Twitch for Mixer

    Ninja has 14.7 million follows on Twitch. He was just un-partnered as he leaves his contract on Twitch to sign an exclusive streaming deal with Microsoft's platform, Mixer: He already has 140,000 followers on there...
  2. S

    My Ninja Blaster is having serious issues

    Hi Pals, for almost a week now I tried to load my ninja blaster but it kept on giving me error messages telling me that I should download the latest version if I am using the cracked version but meanwhile I am using the paid version of the software and I paid a yearly subscription of $59 few...
  3. O

    Orange Bitey Thing - Hello Travelers

    Hello, Orange Bitey Thing - Currently residing in Indianapolis, IN, USA, NA, POST-PANGAEA, EARTH, GALAXY, UNIVERSE, Matrix Pod Freelance designer / coder / novice marketeer / ESPORTS enthusiast and.. virtually 'quite literally' just a name, but I enjoy the content here. I've been scouring over...
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