nigerian scam

  1. SocialManager

    [Facebook Scam] Watch out for this man, he's going around door to door

    Just came across a scam that is new to me, and I am wondering if it's old/common and what is the goal of the person posting this? I guess any of you that run big Facebook groups have seen it now, or you will see it soon if it is new. Watch out for this man, he's going around door to door in...
  2. ottidex

    Hi my name is Ottidex am an alcoholic..but secretly a Nigerian Scammer am I welcomed??

    yeah thats about it Quote me and see
  3. SSL9000J

    I just inherited $12 million from the President of Nigeria!

    This sounds legit, right?:rolleyes: Seriously though, has anyone ever figured out a way to scam the scammers and make some money off these assholes at their own game?
  4. Benditer

    The Branded Nigerian Scammer

    These so called Nigerian scammers on the roll. I wonder how many of them are actually Nigerians. And so many people actually fall for these scams. "In one instance, a bank manager who wishes to remain unidentified says he warned a customer against depositing Rs 15 lakh (1.5 million INR) in an...
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