niche marketing

  1. yash_himz

    Are you promoting divergent (unique) brands? Here’s a golden tip!

    Researches have revealed the valuable fact that social influencers with less followers even in a niche field do have a great diffusion power compared to sponsored branded content. :) As long as brands decide to craft the exclusiveness or uniqueness to their brand essence, this method of...
  2. MaddMushroom

    Personal Blogging vs. Niche Marketing

    Hello All! I'm back with another question that I hope to get good feedback on. I'm reading into affiliate marketing, and I have a question as stated in the title: Personal Blogging vs Niche Marketing What I mean by this, is what are the pros and cons of each. Off the top of my head, I would...
  3. B

    Twitter Following Techniques

    So I've been lurking on this forum for over a year now and I've finally decided to become a part of this Black Hat SEO community. To give a brief intro, I am currently 19 interesting in Twitter marketing. I have started my account a little over a year ago and gave up shortly after. I came to...
  4. T

    Still a newbie, but have some good ideas...

    I only have a limited amount of money to work with as my first affiliate link sites haven't made any money. I really feel like I need to have Ultimate Niche Finder, or Longtail Pro (which is better?) so I will be getting one of those soon, but what is the best service to get proxies from and...
  5. X

    Leon's Working Journey - MNS + Adsense

    Ok. This will be a boring thread talk about how to make money online by MNS+Adsense+Affiliate. I'll just simply share my experience here and hope others can learn something from it. About Me: I'm a newbie for MNS but not for internet business. Back to 2007, I got success in PPC marketing. I...
  6. royal2b

    Sent in my app too John Jonas coaching..

    and I actually got accepted lol.. Apparently he only picked 15 outta god knows how many application. He's gonna teach us how to set up any type of biz online(local,niche) and fully automate it through outsourcing. Also letting us look over his shoulder, as he works on his day to day online...
  7. BigBadWolff

    Suggestion Please.

    Ive got the best spinner, Video Spin Blaster, Mass Video Blaster, Xgenseo, VenomSEO, Press realease submitter, Article Marketing Robot, All profit monarch modules and Automation as well, All facebook marketing software, twitter adder, tweet attacks. See with all the best software, I am a...
  8. J

    The "Make Money Online" Niche

    If you guys are in the make money online niche, what is the most wanted keyword phrase that you are aiming for? This is regardless of the competition on Google. You should only consider the number of local monthly searches as the only criteria. "Make Money Online" gets 49,500 local monthly...
  9. T

    what to do with 1 million+ niche emails

    I found a guy that has at least a million emails that opted in to niche sites like cars, sports and pets. He bought the lists so they have not yet opted in to anything he is doing. He wants to do a JV with me but I'm not sure how to start since I haven't done any afilliate marketing before...
  10. benito

    What To Look For In a Drop Shipper

    There are plenty of drop shippers out there, so finding one that stocks items you want to sell isn't usually an issue. Finding one who meets your needs and gives you everything you need to succeed in a drop shipping business, however, can be a bit tricky. If you are on your big hunt for a...
  11. SEOMagic

    Need Adwords Expert to Research the Best Keywords to Target for My Market

    I'm looking for either a Google Adwords expert, or someone with a search engine scraper (like Keyword Spy) to research my market and sell me a list of the best niche keywords to target for my market. Please PM me if you are interested and fall under either category mentioned above. Thanks!
  12. S

    60 hot search terms you can start targeting today!

    Without further ado, here?s a list of 60 hot how to-search phrases /niches you can dive right into! I?ve checked all 60 with Adwords average CPC price and also took my time to find some exact mathing .us domain names. Best way to rank quick in search engines for that exact match would...
  13. C

    Newbie IMer

    Hi, just wanting to say hello to all, and I'm extremely happy to participate in this forum! I'm just an aspiring IMer and have a lot to learn. Currently I'm pursuing Niche Marketing, and any knowledge pertaining to it. For instance, how many keywords are you all looking at/pursuing a week? I...
  14. N

    48 Hours to Quitting Your Job...Guaranteed! PART 1

    So often I'm approached by people that always seem to have the same dream. "I hate my job and want to quit" they say. Here is a basic step by step plan that I have used time and time again and some easy to make mistakes to watch out for. 1. Find basically any small niche market where someone...
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