1. P

    I need to email a whole city on nextdoor

    I need to send an email to every person in a certain city. Who can do this?
  2. DMMayer

    Nextdoor saga (need your creativity)

    So I have a blue collar business in a medium size city in the US, and one of the main competitors just started creating a lot of accounts on Nextdoor and self advertise himself through there, which seems like a great fucking way to gain credibility. I’ve decided to run through it as well, and...
  3. D

    Nextdoor App Business Recommendations

    Nextdoor is an app used for neighborhood communities to talk about the local area. There is a section to recommend local businesses and it is extremely beneficial to have your business recommended there, but it seems even harder than Yelp to receive recommendations. I was wondering if there is...
  4. D

    Nextdoor Business Recommendations?

    I was wondering if it is possible to purchase business recommendations on the Nextdoor app. Not sure how it would work but I was hoping we had someone out there that could offer that service! Thanks!
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