1. V

    I want to learn how to send out email in bulk

    Hello BHW! I'm new here. I have been studying the information about the email newsletter for a week. I want to earn money by mailing in such areas as: gambling, igaming, crypto and others. During my study, I realized that email mailing services (esp) in most cases do not miss such offers. And as...
  2. razharov

    Free welcome coupon?

    Hey everyone. I tried to find a free service that would do the following: 1. Someone subscribes to a newsletter in my website 2. They get an instant e-mail with a coupon to my webshop. What newsletter company can do this for free? Needs to work with wordpress, thanks
  3. A

    Need someone for bulk email delivery

    Hello everyone, I need someone for bulk email delivery (200K). I provide email addresses.
  4. incognitus

    Have the budget, need to grow a newsletter with REAL subscribers

    BHW, I'm looking to grow a newsletter in the finance/crypto domain. I have a team of A+ writers doing the writing, and it is currently hosted on substack and it is free to subscribe. Problem statement: - Grow it to 1M subs and beyond, real readers Facts: - content is ready and being sent out...
  5. M

    Usage of "newsletter" value under UTM source

    Hey, I understand this is not fully connected with SEO linking, but I cannot find better thread. I am wondering why use “newsletter” value under UTM source, rather than actual source that is sending the newsletter, for example Marketo? Which UTM tag do you use and what are they pros/cons A...
  6. BaldHat616

    Collecting emails on affiliate sites?

    Anyone has experience with collecting emails / using a newsletter on affiliate blogs? Is it worth and what kind of content you mail to them?
  7. S

    Paying for custom tweets, retweets, promos etc on Twitter to help promote a paid newsletter. OPEN to other channels of advertising

    Hi there, I am looking to pay for accounts with good followings in self help, crypto, stock, finance niches to Tweet out custom posts with a link attached leading to a paid newsletter signup ($49 for one year). I have several clients I work with and have had success paying accounts on IG for...
  8. S

    Paying for posts(tweets) and RTs. Promos

    Hi there, I am looking to pay for accounts with good followings in self help, crypto, stock, finance niches to Tweet out custom posts with a link attached leading to a paid newsletter signup ($49 for one year). I have several clients I work with and have had success paying accounts on IG for...
  9. noellarkin

    Minimalist Newsletter Plugin for WP (or alternatives)

    I tried out MailPoet, and it's good, but too much for what I need. I also installed PHPLIST in a subdomain and that was pretty perfect for my needs - - a plaintext/basicHTML newsletter plugin/install - - I don't need fancy graphics or a plethora of form options. Just something that takes an...
  10. C

    Monetizing an email list

    Hi! I have an email list that contains several thousand contacts that I would like to monetize. All I know about them is that they are from US and have the interests displayed in the attached image (according to Google Analytics). The website they registered on is in adult category. I need...
  11. Sandie2018

    Contact Form 7 problem

    Hi, I installed Contact Form 7 plugin for clients to sign up to a newsletter, but I keep getting an error: "There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later." Any idea what I should do to make it work properly? Thanks
  12. M

    The Future of Giveaways

    Hello ppl, I want to start a Big Giveaway for an online store. Now im thinking of sending all Entrys directly to WhatsApp to Build a WhatsApp List instead of an E-Mail List. The opening rate is really high and its easy to enter. What do you guys think about this idea?
  13. IAmDaze

    Another bug with BHW Newsletter

    I received BHW Newsletter but none of the links in the mail is working. Link the services, Social Media Links, Unsubscribe Link, Unsubscribe Preferences Link all of them are not working.
  14. babyglock

    Hiring Reliable Mass Newsletter Sender

    We have around 5,000,000 client emails but cannot send our newsletter out to all of them at a cost effective rate without getting flitered in spam filter regardless to the fact that the newsletter we are sending is not spam and is act complaint, not simply a cold email. Could any freelancer...
  15. lockheadsr71b

    Is everything okay with the newsletter ?

    I haven't been getting any newsletters from Oct. 13. I searched the forum for some info but didn't find anything about changes or updates ? I have been checking the spam folder. Also I really enjoyed the newsletter so I hope this is just a miner problem
  16. Danny Crypto

    From where to buy best newsletter designs?

    Help me with this!
  17. Wilson Grant Fisk

    BHW Newsletter Suggestion - Weekly Marketplace Round-Up

    It would be great if the weekly newsletter included a round-up of the new services approved that week in The Marketplace. Have found that unless I check The Marketplace regularly that I miss out on some of the new offerings. I realise that the sections can be sorted by start date...
  18. kurosaki4d

    What will happen if i don't follow the GDPR best practices ?

    Hi whitehats :) A question came into my mind, i'm sure that new GDPR has been a pain for a lot of people and made things a little bit more strict and harder to collect and send emails to our subscribers. That been said, i'm curious to know in case i don't write and show in a very clear way...
  19. kurosaki4d

    Can i keep emails collected in wrong way (mailchimp) ?

    Hello, I'm using Mailchimp to gather my subscribers list. That been said, i put a certain pop up form where users can enter their email addresses in order to download a free eBook. However i used this method to create a list of subscribers to send my newsletters to, i gathered around 10...
  20. D

    Whatsapp Newsletter

    Hi friends, I want to send people my newsletter (small text + funny video/photo). Is there a free tool to make this? I know whatsbroadcast, but it is very expensive.
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