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  1. MaxiJazz

    My News-Websites journey to 100.000 visitors per day in 12-14 months. Buckle up!

    Hi there, Doing this to brainstorm the community a little. As long you guys participate, I will share some VALUEBLE info. It will also help in keeping myself organized and motivated. Not willing to reveal some details. I will call this construction THE SISYPHUS METHOD. For some of you, the...
  2. schttrj

    News Sites: Looking for A's to Some Q's

    I have never really ran a news site before but thinking of going into that. If there is anyone who runs a niche news site (like tech news), how many news articles do you publish daily (I have seen other popular ones post 3-4 times per day)? How long are your posts in average? Also, if you...
  3. WPAutoGuy

    Create self-updating news sites in any niche | Newsomatic WordPress Plugin & NewsomaticAPI

    Welcome, Check this All-Inclusive WordPress Plugin which will create Auto-Updating News Sites in Any Niche! (for maximum epicness: play "Queen - We Are The Champions" in the background, while reading this thread) Details: API requests included: 500 API calls/day If you need more API calls...
  4. manolo12399

    Looking for people that really like Football (Soccer) to write daily post-Malaysia-Chinese-Laos

    Looking for Native Laos people, Chinese people and Malayan. 1)1 person that really like Football (Soccer) to write daily post in your native language, work on social and work together with a team to SEO, following instructions. A freelance is needed, but need to have time to work fulltime, this...
  5. B

    Sup nerds

    I've been involved in the SEOish universe for a while now, but I never made an account here because I didn't really want to share my prime fishing spots. But now I have an idea now that I need a bit of help setting up. just released a new browser extension/website called Dissenter. How...
  6. everydayimhustling

    Someone with PR connection to get tons of companies press

    HI, I need someone who can get my clients published. Im looking for a long term relationship . I have a fast growing company which helps other companies get press online.. do you have connections with big news sites? maybe you know a few editors ? Please PM me if you can help. We can negotiate...
  7. R

    Is Nofollow Links from good Press Release & News sites worth it?

    I'm thinking of getting some backlinks from Press Release & News sites, but they are all nofollow. Is that worth it? Please, advice.
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