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  1. J

    New Product Launch - SEO & Marketing Help

    Hello, My all friends. First of all thanks for visiting my thread. I created my own digital tutoring and eBook product. I am going to launch it in couple of weeks. So, I need help on search engine optimization tips & Marketing Tips Share your SEO Tips for New Product website. Share your...
  2. K

    New Variation of Product, Pitch Idea to OP or Create Myself?

    Hello everyone! I was recently inspired to create a certain variation of a product that the original provider, or any provider, does not provide... What's the best path to take? Go to the producer and offer my Idea? If so, do i ask for 10% of all sales? or just $2k for the idea? etc... In...
  3. N

    New Sex Trend Affiliate Program in ClickBank

    Hi, we just published our eBook about the Nuru Massage Technique in ClickBank, would certainly appreciate any and all feedback! :p
  4. andreyg13

    New Product Launch! Looking for affiliates!

    Hello everybody. Me and my partner want to launch a new product. We are looking for someone kind enought to give us some advice about promoting this and would like to know if there would be anyone that would like to help us promote this product as an afiiliate. The price would be about 20$ and...
  5. U


    I just found this, and thought you guys might find it useful. If it is even half as good as it looks, it will be awesome indeed. And It's FREE! Get it before they change their minds!
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