New Variation of Product, Pitch Idea to OP or Create Myself?

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    Jan 20, 2014
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    Hello everyone!

    I was recently inspired to create a certain variation of a product that the original provider, or any provider, does not provide...

    What's the best path to take?
    Go to the producer and offer my Idea?
    If so, do i ask for 10% of all sales? or just $2k for the idea? etc...
    In short, how do i ask for compensation?

    ELSE, if I do decide to go on my own with this product, it would be something that would require technology and equipment to make, How would i find this?

    Let's say I wanted to offer Red bells that hang on your door, and the original company only produced Red bells that sit on a table.

    Wouldn't it just be best to go to the original red bell maker? They would know how to build the bells, have the advertising, branding and everything for it...
    Or it would not be best because... well I don't know, how could anybody, but what likely outcomes?

    OR, do I go to a general bell store, pick out a custom bell, let them produce it, and then market it? Like for example custom
    T-shirt stores/websites.

    Hopefully somebody can provide some insight,

    thanks so much!