new guy

  1. Pizza-Man

    Hello World !

    Hi Guys! So,my name is Pizza -Man ,because i have my own pizza Płace in Germany. My journey started a few years ago when i tried a bit with IM ,but i earned only some pennies. Then i decided to have a little break because of some personal problems( No money,drug addiction). I got out of it...
  2. blackhatterjames

    Black Hatter James Introduction

    Good day gents, name's Black Hatter James, nice to make your acquaintance! To be honest when I first stumbled upon this site I thought I had discovered the "Anon Coder Hacker ***** Subreddivistor etc. etc." site where all the good stuff was happening. Come to find out, it's just some chill...
  3. ura33

    Hi guys

    I’m a 33 year old developer. I specialise mostly in databases and cyber security. I’ve been recently messing around with affiliate sites. languages I like working with include sql ( most flavours), HTML css, js, swift and php
  4. deehat

    Kind of New here

    Hi guys, I registered on BHW long ago, but didn't really use this forum because I got engaged in some offline gigs. But I'm making another start now, and hope to make some money from things I learn here. Happy to be here.
  5. N

    Just a random new guy

    Greetings everyone! New here and I have a bit no idea what to expect, but very interested in this community :) !
  6. T


    new to this site I’m here looking for top of the line wholesale clothing like Gucci Polo true religion An anything new
  7. Syntell

    Fresh Out The Womb And Into The Fire

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I'm really looking forward to meeting some new people and getting a better understanding of every aspect of the the IM world. I have a lot of interest in learning everything about gathering a using lead capture, especially for B2B sales. Please feel free to...
  8. whatsvaga

    Hey guys I'm The new Guy! hope all is well

    Hope everyone is having a blessed day! Glad i can be apart of this community with similar interest. I have a digital marketing agency and specialize in instagram growth and facebook ads.Feel free to get in touch with me for information and hopefully we can exchange knowledge. I have been in the...
  9. T

    Hi guys

    Hey there everybody I'm new to the community but I've been hanging around the outskirts for a very long time i finally decided it was time to join the most helpful forum i have ever come across before in my life. I'm actively working on the famous porn/Crackrev method and I'm hoping to really...
  10. B

    Greetings Black Hat Family

    Hey everyone! I'm new here and wanted to do two things. 1. Thank all of the veteran posters on here for putting out amazing info. I've been mooching off all the great info on here for awhile now, and figured it was time for me to get involved with the community. I am new and still...
  11. J

    Hi You all

    Hi guys, I am Juan a friend referred mi this forum, i read and liked what i can learn and share here. My main interest is Youtube and SEO. Thanks and hope to meet you.
  12. Wuconnect

    Heya guys (new guy)

    As the title suggests, I am a new guy that has appeared on the forums as of today. I've seen BHW off and on.. but been a heavy lurker in the "Make Money" section of the forums. Well.. that and the "My Journey" portion as well. I loved the concept of My Journey which is what made me want to join...
  13. J

    Long time lurker

    So after quite a bit of time of coming to BHW reading a few threads here and there in youtube and the making money forums I thought it was about time to introduce myself! Hoping to integrate well with the community and learn as much as I can and try and implement those things to either...
  14. D

    It's me Daviid

    Okay so today I'm now officially a Blackhatworlder, Freaking cool Yeah so about me, I'm a young Nigerian male who would be clocking 20 years sometime this year, I won't say I'm a newbie here (even though that's what I would be given) because I've been in the shadows watching and...
  15. A

    Please Read This

    :cool::) Welcome to BlackHatWorld
  16. exprodigy


    Helllo i'm looking for person who can teach more about social engineering,CPA , PPI also i am working with email marketing about 9 months i can share my experience with you :) This is my first time in BCW and i saw a lot useful stuff .
  17. S

    Hey BHW community

    Greetings All, my name is Andrew, I'm from OBX, NC and I've been in digital marketing for quite some time. Mostly digital marketing strategies creation, SMM and PR thru blogosphere. So, if anyone needs and advice on that - be my guest. Besides that there are few other things that have been...
  18. F

    I'm new, Enlighten me.

    I'm new to black hat world. added my first tool a few days ago. now I want something back. tell me what are the must try out tools for free likes, tumblrs posts and whathaveya, I already know linkcollider. Give me more like link collider. or any other tool to inflate my backlinks or social...
  19. C

    Hello, new here

    Hello everyone, I would write a brief introduction of myself, but my laundry is much more important right now.... that is all
  20. Nihilist

    New Guy Just Saying Hey

    Hey Everyone.. Just saying hey, new guy here. Just wanting to learn as much as I can from the masters. I'll be doing a lot of reading, not a whole lot of talking. Anyhow.. see y'all around.
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