1. S

    Suggest me a wordpress theme please

    I want to make a PNG website , at present i have 8000 PNGs, suggest me a wordpress theme or if you can give me a script like pngwing.com, I will be grateful to you.
  2. WillBeCoder

    Which is a better backend framework

    ASP.NET Core MVC with C# or Django with Python? Which one is a better web framework? I know both are popular and powerful. But I really don't know which one to choose. I really love C# language, but ASP.NET Core looks so complicated to me. Django looks simpler.
  3. mickmack

    looking for API developer to an existing window application

    I'm looking for an API access that return values from an existing windows trading application. Thank you for your consideration
  4. S


    Im new here. Im sinno and are born 19th 88's. I live in Danmark and have some clients in some nearby counties. I can progam in Java & C# language. Thanks.
  5. DPkumar

    Want to hire who can make script for restart huawei e8372 dongle...

    hi... i am making my own mobile 4g proxies for my personal use... i am going to use it in cc proxy... so i want someone who can make script to force restart huawei e8372 dongle(not reset).... Features i want... => It can detect all dongles ...like how many dongles are connected 10 or 20 ... =>...
  6. Doctor Strange

    why .Com domain?

    Need help choosing a domain name. Suppose my agency's name is TrumpDigital Now, which extension should I take and why? 01. TrumpDigital.com 02. Trump.Digital Also, should I consider .net if .com not available? Thanks.
  7. L

    Httrack website in to php hosting

    i have httrack a wordpress website now where to put these files in my hosting can some one guide me HOSTING IS NOT A WORDPRESS HOSTING or any youtube link please Thank YOU
  8. L

    put wordpress website in php website

    Hello i have created a a wordpress landing page so i want to put it in a php website home page where wordpress landing page will be shown as a link of php website Is it possible ?
  9. Z

    integrate The Mindbreeze SDK

    any information to integrate The Mindbreeze SDK on c# for my solution ?
  10. oSumAtrIX

    Recording with a buffer.

    I need to record the last X minutes, like Nvidia's Shadowplay Software does. I know how to record with ffmpeg, but I need to add a buffer the size of X minutes to be able to save later on. Recording constantly and saving only the last X minutes would work on a short time base. Is there any way...
  11. seocrab

    What is my .net domain worth?

    I registered a new .net domain (no backlinks) for a new project about 1 month ago. It's a catchy name that's brandable and also has keywords (590 exact monthly searches, many more broad variations). The .com and .org are taken. I've been building up the site on a test server so the domain just...
  12. M

    .NET application help

    Looking to onboard a .NET developer to help complete a project of mine. My current developer is limited and gives me little of his time to finish my project. I have the source code and my application is up and running currently but we need to add features, modifications. Please PM me and I'll...
  13. Jure321

    Developing Basic KW Tool in .NET - Looking for FREE APIs?

    Hi everyone! I'd like to create a simple KW research tool for my college project. However, I am not sure I can find any API that allows me to pull any data for free. I've been googling a lot and failed. My plan is to pull data from multiple APIs, put it together and come up with some kind of...
  14. samwarez

    Please Help Me (convert VB.net code to VB6)

    Please Help Me (convert VB.net code to VB6) this code ------------------------------------------------------------------- Imports System.IO Imports System.Text Imports System.Net Public Sub Upload() Dim imageData() As Byte Dim fileStream As FileStream =...
  15. johnwalk

    Need Help ....

    Hi Everyone, Just made a website in .net and having unique h1 tag on every page. But screaming frog providing me result of 13 duplicate h1. My website contains 38 pages and every time when i run Screaming frog, it provides me different pages having same H1. But i checked manually source code...
  16. S

    Bypass Youtube restricted playback

    I have a .NET application that plays Youtube videos. For that to work I had to hard code a referer and loaded the /embed/ version of the video. That worked on just about all videos until about a month ago. Now any /embed/ videos do not load at all. The player just shows a black screen like it's...
  17. Aiman Afzal

    Hello everybody

    Hello everybody, I am a newbie here. Basically a computer programmer by profession and trying to find out some more outsourced related work to get started with.
  18. A

    Website Scraping

    Hello everyone, I m new here...i want to know what is the best way to scrape the data from websites. What language is best for that... i am good at .net...should i use webrowser control or httpWebRequest class to scrape. If i go through Webbrowser control can i multithred if yes can anyone show...
  19. avi619

    .NET at $1.88! Flash sale on whois.com

    Grab .NET at $1.88 Cheers!
  20. ivarga

    Looking for someone who is advanced in C# and the .NET framework

    I'm currently learning about crypters and this is what I've learned so far. A crypter consists of a builder and a stub. The builders role is to encrypt a file and the stub wraps the file and makes it run in a buffer aka in the memory of the machine it is being decrypted on. (Please do correct...
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