1. vsvsvs

    25yr old femme long time lurker, but new mindset who dis?

    I'm Canadian. I'm currently implementing an IG method, and plan on logging it in detail before posting it here. uh, Oh, I'm also learning coding? I'm not good at intros... Looking forward to learning loads from the forum, now that I'm an official member, posting here and all. Cheers~
  2. F

    lurker for months, finally made an account.

    20 years old now Korean-American living in Seattle, Washington. Started a niche website a month ago via the great information I found here. Big thanks to everyone providing valuable stuff. Always feel motivated when i'm here. Will try to be more engaging, hope to help out other members one day.
  3. Drunken_woe_cat

    Custom Web Developer with 17 years of Exp from Colorado, USA

    I have been part of the forums for a while, but I totally spaced introducing myself. I have been coding, since I was in highschool. I actually started doing minor dos code to get games to work. Gotta love Lemmings & Gizmos and Gadgets. I have worked for companies like 3M, Nissan, Ford, and...
  4. bertbaby

    For Nerds Only: The Longest and Most Boring Expeirment Ever

    This is a link to the Pitch Drop Experiment which began in 1927. It was setup to prove that a brittle tar-like substance used to waterproof boats called pitch (bitumen) was in fact a liquid. The apparatus consists of pitch in a funnel that very slowly moves at the rate of one drop every 10...
  5. J


    Yo everybody Brand new to and already becoming addicted - Lots of great threads and information! Hmmmm I think I'm going black and will never look back hahaha. My 10 years of experience as a pro system developer might come in handy :D /J.B
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