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    I have been part of the forums for a while, but I totally spaced introducing myself. I have been coding, since I was in highschool. I actually started doing minor dos code to get games to work. Gotta love Lemmings & Gizmos and Gadgets.

    I have worked for companies like 3M, Nissan, Ford, and Avanquest, etc. I am excited to be here as a professional. To that note I gotta change my Screen name to Lasyte Solutions as I started my own Web development firm about 2 years ago. To all the entrepreneurs on this website; I have proudly joined your ranks.

    I jokingly say I speak 9 unspoken languages ie programming languages. Oh and... y'all won't believe it, I am a nerd. I love Dota 2. I think last time I looked I was about 5000 rating. I mostly solo que, so sometimes you have to herd kittens in order to win.

    Anyways if anyone wants to chat, send me a PM.