negative reviews

  1. JimJones660

    Negative Google Reviews have been hidden behind fake business

    Hello, I hoping ya'll can help, I want to know how a business was able to change all their details to fake ones and then create a new clean listing without any negative reviews? For example, Emergency Media Pty Ltd has changed their listing name to Milly's Dog Gooming and all their other...
  2. Zwielicht

    Handling Negative Reviews & Feedback

    I can't say I'm surprised at how many people I see who don't know how to handle negative reviews. I mean, sure, I doubt any of us particularly enjoy receiving negative reviews, but they aren't the end of the world. On the contrary, negative reviews can even a great opportunity to showcase your...
  3. S

    Need HELP !!! My Website Service had an Negative Review?

    i have a website providing some services. but whenever i search my site name on Google my site listed on top but the next second,third result showing negative feedback about my website what should i do to remove those negative feedback from first page of Google result page.
  4. husypunter

    Can Competitors Sabotage You by Negative SEO

    i have a website which is ranking on a very niche specific keyword, it ranked quickly, but recently the ranking is dropping day by day and a competitor is coming up on google day by day at the same pace as im dropping. how to check if negative SEO has been done to me ? what are the ways he can...
  5. M

    How do I push Neg. and bad links from our business on google search FAST!!! Please HELP!

    How do I push Neg. and bad links from our business on google search FAST!!! Please HELP! Remove bad links from my business' top search results.Any ideas or tools to use people??? Looking for any help we can get. THANKS!!! Please send information of tools or ideas.
  6. takeachance

    Taking Down Subdomain

    An ever increasing amount of clients are looking for ways in which to beat out a negative free blog (or other free platform) from the first page of the results. In many cases the free WP blog is aimed at the brand name. I am looking for inspiration in order to accomplish this. The...