need traffic

  1. S

    Traffic needed

    Hi guys. I need traffic for my Finance offers. The targeting would be: Austria,Germany and Switzerland. If the quality is good and i get a lot of sales we can work on a longterm project together. PM me
  2. ukonline

    Just made an online store [Need UK traffic] for sales.

    Hey there ! I have made an free online store. I have been driving all the traffic from twitter and launched the store and within 24 hours i almost hit 241+ visitors. I am not good at SEO or anything of that sort, But if anyone is good at it and can help me rank the website and kinda make it look...
  3. M

    i want traffic any kind of real human traffic from

    Hi friends, i need traffic from usa and canada.The traffic should be real human. Traffic can be from any source, no niche specified.Any kind of human traffic is accepted.I am not looking for conversion just traffic.can somebody help me. Pm me for offer
  4. G

    Looking for genuine human traffic for my websites

    My greetings to all BHW members. I am looking for real human traffic to my websites (strictly no visits from adult / illegal websites) I wish you will have to satisfy my simple terms: You must be a member of BlackHatWorld Need to receive trial traffic before purchasing I will not purchase the...
  5. B

    Web product - I am a content creator. Looking for someone to team up with to drive traffic

    Hey. This is my first post. Hopefully in the right place. I'm mainly a content creator. I have created a simple one time payment membership website for access to video lessons on teaching email marketing. I'm teaching black hat and white hat. I'll be honest, everyone in this entire form know's...
  6. smallwebkings

    I need traffic for health offers ....

    Hello Dear flew, Recently I make Site for health niches for the JV partner but I don't know how to make unique clicks for health products , I can make UC easily for dating offers but never do work on health sites. I'm searching thread here before 2hours but still did not get any method . I was...
  7. H

    BHat virgin needs help

    Ive just created a blog, having done a wordpress install on my server and embedded a couple of videos ive created on YT. Whats the quickest, best, most effective FREE way of - a) generating back links b) generating DO follow links c) generating traffic to the site. I appreciate it the...
  8. C

    [ASK]Need Traffic To My Movie Site

    Hi guys, Yesterday I made a site about a movie with CPA content locker and stuff (you know, the usual), and the problem is traffic. The movie will be in cinemas next Friday (October 28th) and I want to know what can I do to get as much traffic as I can for free to my website. Any methods would...
  9. M

    SEO/Traffic Driving Maven Needed

    Greetings, I am a L.A. based webpreneur, and own and operate several e-commerce sites, which I truly believe have 7 figure annual revenue potential. I am looking for a hands-on, SEO savvy person who can help these sites achieve their potential. I also have numerous other site ideas that I am...
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