1. curious_

    Site-wide internal header vs footer links weight

    Hey guys, Which site-wide links carry more SEO value header links or footer links? Any articles/tests that prove it? Google says: “Sitewide header and footer links are not a very great weight in general.” – Source But they didn't say which ones are more valuable. I know that header links may...
  2. T


    Hi guys, I was wondering how you guys look at the navigation - what´s best if you have a lot of pages/categories. Would you put them all in a mega-menu or would you take like the 10-20 top categories in the menu, and have the less important categories on subpages ?
  3. J

    Re-designing main menu structure on a magazine site

    We've got a well-established Wordpress magazine-type site with over 3000 posts and quite a lot of categories (100) and tags (117). These categories are needed as we write about quite a diverse subject, but I've been having a look at our current menu setup (megaMenu type affair with a lot of...
  4. M

    Prose Theme Navigation Menu help.

    hi friends, I am a non-techie and recently bought Genesis prose theme for my new blog. But i am unable to create a navigation menu for the blog. Whenever I try put content into a particular page, the same content shows up on all the pages. I will be thankful, some respected members...
  5. D

    Heatmap problem - no nav bar

    I have heatmap v5 and under "heatmap options - navigation" my pages aren't listed. I have heatmap on another site with no problems and haven't found any discrepancies between the two when comparing settings. On the page itself it just says "No Menu Specified!" Any suggestions?:confused:
  6. honeyandthemoon

    Should Navigation Links Load First?

    Hi guys I'm working on a site which already has quite good rankings for its keywords and I don't want to change the code around too much in case it causes a problem with this. Currently the page structure goes like this: 1. Usual META. 2. Header. 3. Content. 4. Right Column (Items...
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