natural links

  1. denchiro

    Unique Crowd Links from the traffic-rich popular resources

    Intro: Hello there, my name is Den, and I would like to present you my team. We provide unique links from the active, frequently visited thematic resources, forums, QA sites, social platforms, and communities all over the world. Take a look at the brief intro of what we do and our track of...
  2. A

    natural links

    everyone is talking about penguin and google penalty lately. Now I have two questions for my fellow blackhat enthusiasts. a) how serious do you take this? Do you actually create manual hyperlinks? Does this pay? b)can you share tipps and tricks to create manual and natural links ? How to...
  3. codeman1234

    Best strategy to build natural look a like links?

    Hello everyone, I just have one big doubt, what is the best way to build natural a like links with anchor text like "click here, my website, visit my website, etc" What are the best places to place them? Comments? Forums? Yahoo answers? Are those ok? What other places? Anything else I need to...
  4. platinvm

    get tones of natural links with Traffic Android

    My dad is member of stompernet so he got a free sneak preview of Traffic Android. Its a brand new software they don't even have a full version out yet they just have a 1$ trial. its like onlywire and bookmarking demon but a lot better I think. First. you make accounts for all the social...
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