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    Need Website Content Writer

    Hi Friends, My services : 3D Animation Studio I am looking for very good content writer for my website keeping keywords in mind. I have website which is running already, the writing language should be very simple English, impactful, short and sweet. Please check my website and let me know...
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  3. bekti

    Native English speakers! Please evaluate my english accent

    Hello guys, I am always having a hard time with all these methods and I am tired of making peanuts so I decided that maybe cold calling could work because it has a lot less competition because few foreigners can do it effectively as opposed to emailing. I posted a short video on youtube for you...
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    Canadian Content Writing (High-Quality & Native English Content) I don't need a fancy graphic to sell you my services, as the quality writing I have to offer (at such an affordable rate) is pretty much able to sell itself. It's time to stop dealing with those cheap content writing services that...