music make money

  1. adtech1

    How to make money online by sharing own music videos/tracks?

    Is there any such websites that offer such facility? I am talking about some Youtube alternatives that pays money for uploading and sharing own music videos there?
  2. randybishop

    Can money be made creating royalty free music?

    A friend of mine is interested in making royalty free music samples and selling them online. Does anyone know anything about selling royalty free music? And is it possible to make money? Like to know your thoughts.
  3. M

    [HELP] Experienced Blogger with 100+ articles per day looking at options

    Hey guys, I haven't been on here in a while so mods, please do excuse me if I do this completely wrong. I have been working with a network for a few years and I feel for me to move on (and up) I need a new(ish) venture. Basically, I receive press articles for the music and entertainment...
  4. T

    Advice needed - suggestions welcome

    Guys me and my 3 friends quit our jobs and started working on a project on the lines of grooveshark. It took us almost 15 months to complete the project. It is a social music site, which is frankly better than. We had plans to launch, but 2 of my friends have got PhD offers and left the country...
  5. D

    hello, hows it going? question as well,

    first post here, i was just wondering about something, i would like to find out ways to promote my music online, which forum would be appropriate? I dont have any money really, but i have unlimited free time. any suggestion?
  6. blackma

    The Under Rated Bands Thread

    Write down any bands which you feel are heavily under rated. This should be interesting to any music junkies in BHW especially those who can only make bank while listening to their sounds... like me! Mine: Electric Light Orchestra Creedence Clear Water Revival The Kinks
  7. blackma

    Post your favourite christmas songs!

    Alright guys, It's that time of year again! Post your favourite Christmas songs David Essex - Winter's Tale I Believe in Father Christmas (U2 cover of Greg Lake song)...
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