1. 5ung1

    Looking for movie site owner to exchange informations , i am one of them

    Hello , if someone is open for conversation about IM , feel free to reply here and get in touch
  2. S

    IMDB - a NEW Source of BACKLINKS and TRAFFIC

    I just found this out today when I was on IMDB and it shocked me, you can EDIT the page on most of the MOVIES listings, I'm guessing, just like you can on Wikipedia. IMDB must be at least a Page Rank 7. It got my mind racing on how to capitalise on this discovery. Then, I thought, dead simple...
  3. C

    Can you review my site and tell me what I am doing wrong?

    I have this autoblog setup called moviestvseries . c (oh) m I try to monetize it using adsense. Can you give any suggestions on how I should go about the ff: 1. Bringing traffic. - Right now it's just 60+ visitors/day. I have 2 videos on youtube and that's it. 2. Monetizing - Do you think I...
  4. ch8878

    Weres a good site to watch new and old movies without surveys and hassle ?

    Weres a good site to watch new and old movies since I cant watch them on ?
  5. R

    (Help) Moviesitepress theme not loading images

    Hi Guys, Can someone help me with moviesitepress's not loading any images or thumbnails...
  6. smartsem

    Need a Internet Marketer To sale My low cost websites

    I am a web designer and I am good in designing Low cost and maintaince Free Websites specifically on Funny and Movie sites. My sites are maintainance free and very vary low cost like $10 and $20 . With this price I am providing a fully loaded 100 -150 pages site with free life time domain and...
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