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  1. [GUIDE] How to monetize your movie websites.png

    [GUIDE] How to monetize your movie websites.png

    Do you want to learn how to earn money from a movie website? You’ve arrived at the right place. Join us as we explain the proven methods to monetize a movie website.
  2. russiancub

    Movie Streaming Website Monetisation 2023

    Hello, guys! I wanted to ask for advice on how you monetize your movie streaming websites. Right now, my traffic is not that high: 1,000 visitors per day, mostly from North America and Europe. What kind of networks are you guys using in 2023? I also wanted to ask if it's a good idea to make...
  3. snowmanstudio

    Which ADX Partner is safe for Movie>Safelink? I used Ezoic, banned. Adsense, limit banned.

  4. rajib000

    Handpicked custom content locker

    I want to make newly launched exclusive-hyped movie download site with content locker. Problem- need very very user friendly landing page and handpicked cpa offers from every network, so that everyone can complete the offer easily and get his things (99% conversion, nobody can go with empty...
  5. xoxcus

    Best cloud storage service for Movie website

    I made a movie website using WordPress and tried uploading all my movies in G-drive, getting the public sharing link from G-drive and making it a one-click download link I have tried this but , google gives a message "Download limit exceeded" when a lot of people try to download the movie...
  6. X

    Movie Streaming Website

    Hey Everyone, I'm a 20 yo and i just created a movie website using wordpress, the issue is i can't find a good theme, script or any tool to upload a lot of movies and shows at the same time. Please, need your help asap. thanks!
  7. llrestio

    Hosting for movie site?

    Hello fellow bhw user. Good evening. I wanted to ask you a question about hosting for movie website. So I am going to host my videos at service like streamsb, tape, doodstream etc. So I am only talking about website. I am new to this thing. Actually currently I don't have money. So i am...
  8. onlinefreefilms

    [JV] Your traffic + my movies/tvshows streaming website = $$

    I have a movies/tvshows streaming website that gets around 800 daily users and 1.1k visits. Country wise most of our traffic come from USA, United Kingdom, Canada and unfortunately India. Some seo work has been done like backlinks and on page seo but traffic has stopped growing. Looking for...
  9. RoyalOffshore

    [Free Review Copy] Create and Earn Money with Legal Movie Streaming Website [CC] Method and more!

    Are you a Jr. VIP? Check this thread to get more and a complete website made: [Free Review Copy] Get a Legal Movie Streaming Website [CC] created on your domain - NO DMCA All other members, hello! Greetings to everyone! Get a Free Review Copy [METHOD] Create and Earn Money with Legal Movie...
  10. RoyalOffshore

    [AMA!] Movie/Trailer Websites! ♛Monetization, Anonymity, Themes, Setup... Anything♛ Do's and Don'ts!

    I have always had passion in computers/technology, but i was a regular person with plans for college, building a career. Never actually thought i will end up in a completely different area, which i am proud of. You never get tired or bored doing what you love to do. Doing what you love to do is...
  11. RoyalOffshore

    [GUIDE] Extension #4 To My Money Making Guide: ♛Keep Posts Fresh, Add New Embeds & Video Networks!♛

    ♛ This post is a 4th extension of my Money Making Guide... not the last! ;) You should read these first to be able to understand what's this about ♛ ♛ MOVIESITE GUIDE ♛ How To Build And Earn Money With Movie/Trailer Site And Publicly Available Videos [GUIDE] Extension #1 To My Money Making...
  12. D

    Want to Find out Payment processor for Movie Streaming Sites Subscriptions

    I want to know how on some pirate streaming websites such as , and many other sites they offer premium memberships showing Ad-Free movies to members and accept credit cards, PayPal as payment options and don't have any problems about DMCA. Can anyone tell me which payment...
  13. MrT131

    Fake Movie Site - can people sue me for that?

    Hey BHW, since I’m successful with CPA + YT I searched new ways for making money with CPA. Now I thought about creating a fake movie site (on Wordpress) and ask people to sign up for anything before they can watch the film. But they’ll never see the film on my website, I’ll just redirect them...
  14. hawkeyestorm

    how to make movie website and be anonymous

    can anyone advice me on that topic i am intrested about that i want to know that how to buy domain and hosting for movie website without disclose my details because i don't want to come on the radar of law and can anyone tell me best offshore hosting and where i stored movies for my website so...
  15. D

    Sell movie website with daily earnings. Any buyers or ideas how to sell?

    Hello there, I have a friend who wants to sell a movie site earning 1300=1400 USD a month. He wants to sell this website. He wants to get out of this online business and focus on offline business. Any idea how to sell a running movie site or any buyers available here?? All genuine earning...
  16. Peenoi

    VPS for Uploading Movies

    Hi, can you suggest recommended specifications of a VPS for uploading movies in hosting platforms for a movie website? Can i just use normal SSD VPS or do i need to get offshore?
  17. I

    Fully automated movie website journey

    Hello, This was pretty much my first journey, (was) because I am moving on to a new one. This project is composed of 2 parts bots and website each one is hosted in its own vps Database used is Mongodb which is blazing fast (hosted with website) One of the unique features of my website is the...
  18. bluecs

    $400-$500 + Movie Website | How to Make Money?

    Hello Guys Thanks For Reading This Thread ( Sorry For Bad English And Caps Lock :D ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- i have 400 - 500 dollar and an movie streaming + download Website , i don't care about DMCA ^_^ Don't worry but how can i increase my...
  19. AsianSeller

    Sponser | Movie Website

    Hello guys ( Sorry For Bad English ) as you know ! im living in iran and here we don't have dmca , copyright i have a movie website one in persian and one in english ( international ) . how can i find sponser for my website to advertise it? if it reach 100k IPs per day , i can earn up to $3k...
  20. D

    why major movie sites using search bar as home page?

    Hello All, I have been wondering about many websites using search bar as their home page like google. Why they are not using main home page and instead using search engine like home page? What is the benefit of using search engine home page for a movie site? Can anyone explain please? Thanks
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