movie script

  1. killuminatix

    Name For This Movie Site Script ?

    Does anybody know name of this Laravel script for movies ? tryin to find same one and purchase it. Check screenshot please.
  2. S

    I need a Script Automator for movies

    i have a movie website and i manually update it, am looking for Script Automator for movies site that will scrap download links and upload it on openload , mega etc ,also its content like text and images. Also know someone in the marketplace who sells or rent such too pls let me know
  3. B

    I found an Advance Open Source Movie Script (Cinemapress)

    I recently found an open source movie script with a lot of advance features, documentation, template choices and automation on Github. It looks way too good to be true but at the same time it looks fairly legit. especially the fact that it is on Github and it seems to be open source for anyone...
  4. SaLiXeM

    WTH - In need of an automation script for movie website

    We are using OVOO (Can't post links so search for it) script for our website. We need someone to code an automation script that would download movies in different qualities from a source and upload them to some upload centers. Then the links should be used to add movies to the database. For...
  5. animefan308

    HELP! PLEASE!! Finding automation is hard!

    I have been in search of finding the perfect tool for automating a Anime Streaming website I know that there's scripts that are out there, and I'd like to buy them however I've not been able to find even a single one, so I am reaching out here to see if you friendly people can help me solve this...
  6. Halil keser

    Bot for movie streaming for grifus theme

    I am looking for a talented developer to create a script that scrapes movies, from popular sites, download and upload to my accounts or any way you can suggest. I am using grifus theme and script to be both for movies and Tv-series. It does not have to be custom made.
  7. T


    NEED ADVICE: WHAT SCRIPT/PLUGIN IS PUTLOCKER.TODAY USING? I am trying to start a movie streaming site within the next few weeks and want to learn as much as possible about this industry. I want the site to actually have the movie on it, meaning you wouldn't need to click a link to go to...
  8. K

    Twist to greyjokers $10K/mo method for newbies

    Hi, everyone, I read greyjokers movie method here: (can't post links! sorry. Search around the money making section, you'll find it) Couple of weeks ago. And I did everything there. Now my website is live for two weeks and i've been receiving a few visitors from google. The lengthiest part of...
  9. I

    My method to create a lot of Youtube unique vids

    Easy way to create lots of unique Youtube videos I have found on the internet a lot of adverts where users offer making a unique videos from user posted photos. I want show You, how to make this kind of videos for FRE E :) Ok - without any unnecessary talking, just go to work :)...
  10. arvo

    Facebook Movie App - Need Feedback/Advice

    Hey guys, I just started developing a movie app (similar to the fairly popular movie sites that everyone seems to have). It has a little under 1000 members currently, yet Facebook is only showing like 3 or 4 users. Any other Facebook devs have any idea whats up with the MAU not updating...
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