1. 99lives

    How to monitor GMB entries?

    I currently use HTML change monitors. It works great, but as I scale my business, I'm feeling I need a most robust, specially build for that solution. Any suggestions? I'm not looking for something very expensive as I don't have a lot of clients, this is not my most profitable service.
  2. T

    Best tool for measuring reach on third-party URLs

    Hi, So I want to establish the potential reach of a set of third-party URLs. Do you know a tool that can give me all the info on a particular URL (shares, links, likes, etc.) and an estimated reach / number of eyeballs on it? particularly if it can be broken down into country, i.e. UK Thanks (:
  3. L

    How do you monitor 100's of websites?

    Is there a way to monitor 100's of sites on one screen? Checking each Google Analytics and Google Search Console property by hand takes too much time. Is there a way to get all data for 100's of websites on one screen?
  4. J

    Monitoring 100+ YT films/comments at once.

    Hi, I'm looking for some tool, that can help with monitoring more than 100+ Videos at once. The most important part is this is comments, and showing the top of them. Their status, upvotes responses etc. Anybody heard about similar tool? Also, I can pay, if someone is able to write similar program.
  5. seohug

    error_log Reporter

    Let's say you run Wordpress, Durpal or any CMS or site that runs on PHP - which are millions out there. Your CMS or script fails to reach the database, or process a query or have some sort of an issue. In most hosts default config, this will log an error_log with details of the issue. You don't...
  6. R

    Monitor SEO Ranking

    Hello guys, is there any FREE SEO monitoring website your recommend me to use. I am currently using Google Webmaster Tools but the date comparison there is limited only to last 2 or 3 months. Thank you
  7. B

    New rankings site

    Hi guys! There's a new rankings site. Tracks ranks really quick and also allows to use a lot of various research tools: keyword clustering, site auditor, keyword research and so on. They give 10$ after you registration.
  8. W

    Monitor the log file in real-time in the followliker

    Hi I need to use monitoring script to monitor the log file in real-time for example if there is (error) in the followliker active log the script will send me an email about it and i need to know how i can access the log in txt format in followliker or if any one have good idea to have...
  9. dadangle

    Someone Is Monitoring My Site

    Hello everyone, I've got a conundrum that I can't quite figure out. Hopefully someone here could shed some light. I'm only a few months in on my first site and haven't come across this yet. This morning I was checking my weebly (makethebestof, with weebly domain) site out and looked at the...
  10. D

    Employee monitoring software

    Employee monitoring software Hi I am looking for an easy way to view employee activity on my office. I tried many of the stuff out there but couldnt find something I can view all screens at once. I also need to monitor some PC's outside the office Anyone can help?
  11. F

    Web Analytics

    Hi, I would like to create a Web Analytics system on my hosting server (Windows or Linux) so that with a few lines of code in every web page I can track my website and the ones of my customers, so that to show: 1) The behaviour of each singular visitor: who he is (country, new or old...
  12. djprog

    Any PINGDOM Open Source or free Alternatives ?

    Dear all, Do you know any Pingdom alternative ? :confused: They charge a damn high amount for such a simple service. I'm using some "low cost" hosts and I really need to be able to monitor the downtime !!! I'm pretty sure there must be an alternative to Pingdom but I couln't find anything...
  13. G

    Working on Twitter marketing script

    Hello blackhaters, I am releasing a script that will send automatic messages to those who tweet specific keywords, and/or are located in a specific area. It will be hosted one and crons, multiple IPs...will do the JOB, and of course you can set different message to @rely sent randomlly and...
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