monetize channel

  1. donNadie

    [JOURNEY] My journey to monetize a new YT channel with SHORTS.

    Hello everyone, this is my first post. Hope u are well. I am going to share my journey into this new youtube channel about daily facts. First ¿How i am making my videos? I used chat GPT for the scripts of facts. Then i copy they and connect it with some texts in canva, in order to use the tool...
  2. systemad

    Monetize YT Shorts with simple text videos?

    Hi! 1. I am looking into creating my own content for yt shorts, since yt allows shorts to be monetized now. It will be text on a video with music. Do you think yt will allow such simple content to be monetized? 2. How difficult is it for a new channel to be able to join yt partner program...
  3. Mrick777

    Youtube copyright claims & Fair use

    Hi BHW, I'm starting a new Youtube channel and need some answers before putting more time into it. There's some parts of my videos that are from other videos on Youtube (like 5-10% of my video). I can see that my videos don't have copyright claims but can they get demonetized for "fair use"...
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