1. Rakzs

    List of crypto resources for anonymity / no KYC purposes

    As you know KYC is very big in the crypto space which isn't good for those who want privacy with whatever they're doing. Here's some resources I have found which provide lists of good resources for anonymity. - List of wallets, sites, general...
  2. Bernardio

    Mixer Sanctions = rising Monero & Co?

    Monero very successfully announced a hard fork - it will take place a few days after the US Treasury began the hunt for mixers. This time, Tornado Cash and its associated wallets suffered. Even those who doubted the need to keep protected tokens in the portfolio will surely reconsider their...
  3. alurosu

    Have you heard of ZEC? A privacy focused alternative

    There's a lot of hype around Bitcoin and people are starting to understand cryptocurrencies. But keep in mind that BTC is not private. Every transaction is public and anyone on the internet can track you or your company down. A good alternative, from my recent research, is Zcash (ZEC)...
  4. m4virus

    do bitcoin still worth investing on it !?

    HELLO EVERYONE BACK TO 2014 I START INVESTING , on bitcoin , not a big invest but some hunders , and unfortunatly i wasn't a patient guy , i sold it one he reach 400 $ i was happy with the results but just after that 2 months later , he rise up to 18 K in 2017 , the news was talking about...
  5. blue_knight

    Developer of Bitcoin Tumbling Service “Coin Ninja” Arrested

    CEO Larry Harmon has been arrested and is currently in Youngstown Ohio federal jail. Charged with: - Conspiracy to launder money instruments - Operating an unlicensed money transmitting business He faces up to 30 years. It looks like the end of tumbling services is near. I wonder what will be...
  6. XsleEp

    Journey to a succesful POD business

    Hello Blackhatworld, I am going to be right on subject. So, here we are, trying POD business.My plan for the moment is scheduled like that: To Do: Posting 4-5 designs per day on SpreadShirt Working on more niches Posting designs on another sites My budget and knowledge doesn't permit me...
  7. vempireguy

    massive mailer questions

    hello, i'm thinking in joining a venture with a friends of my (a coder guy) we are thinking in make a massive mailer app. we are thinking in let the user use the app in two modes: 1. free (but mining monero at 20% of the computer power and sending a message to the user that the app is mining...
  8. sohom

    Any hosting site which can accept XMR / Monero or Altcoins for payment?

    Hello friends. Do you know any web hosting site, which can accept XMR / Monero or Altcoins / CryptoCurrency other than BTC for payment? Specially if they are using payment gateway : "Coin Payments", which could accept multiple crypto currencies. Thank you
  9. nextime

    Best way to buy/sell monero for bitcoin and back

    Hey guys, I am looking for best way to exchange bitcoin to monero and back. Last time I have used shapeshift exchange but these guys now want account registration, it's absolutely not acceptable for me. My wishes: No id, no selfie, no mobile phone, no email, no registration Good rates (not...
  10. Momentena

    Virtual phone number services that support BTC or XMR?

    Is there any good and reliable virtual phone number services that support BTC or XMR? Preferably XMR. I am starting my journey and need a separate phone number that I can operate on.
  11. dhoff

    What are your long positions?

    For all your traders and investors out there, in what coins you're long? Day trading is a bitch and unless you're part of a market manipulation group it's almost guaranteed that you're going to lose more than you win. Unless you're pretty lucky, of course. But what coins you're long, and why...
  12. imeh


    why artists can swear and youtuber not like 6IX9IN he keep saying nigga and many other hate speech words and all other shity artists and they make money from it when i youtuber just say ''shit" and they get demonetized is there a law or a contract they make or just because youtube is shit
  13. puneetas3

    How to liquidate Bitcoin/Monero in India?

    Cryptocurrencies have been declared as illegal tender by govt. and they are cracking on Indian exchanges. International exchange like Kraken doesn't allow fiat transfer to India. I did use Southxchange for PayPal transfer but it is disabled now. How do my Indian fellows liquidate the Cryptos...
  14. karthikjojo

    Monero best to mine on CPU..?

    Can any1 tell any altcoin rather than monero which is perfect for only CPU mining...:)
  15. karthikjojo

    Can I mine monero on my college system?

    Any 1 help me clarify that can I mine a Monero coin through my college computers(I mean more than 100) but without GPU only CPU... Any trick is there please comment or if I am false please guide me.. Thanks in Adv.:)
  16. G

    Hey Black Hats, nice to be here

    Hey - am n00b here today, based in Western Europe, very keen on making money (wearing all hats W/G/B) - interested in / plan to set up: affiliate sites, gambling (lotteries, dice), monero mining, also plan to set up physical remailing / dead drop / forwarding workaround service to counter...
  17. aut0matic

    [METHOD] Earn Monero on your Spare Time

    Before anything else, this is not a huge money-making scheme. This allows you to earn during your free time on your computer while doing other things. Like any other methods, it can be tweaked to earn more and scale bigger. What You Need: 1. Coin Hive account 2. WordPress Account 3. Youlikehits...
  18. A

    What and how best mining on VPS Linux?

    Hello. What and how best mining on VPS Linux? Monero but maybe Bitcoin? Which program or console command will give the most hashrate power?
  19. aka_ab

    Getting Paid Completely Anonymous

    I will buy offshore domain and hosting using bitcoins. I will buy these bitcoins using my personal debit card on clearnet. I will transfer them to a wallet created with Tor and exchange it for Monero and then again to bitcoin. Tumble it a few times and send it to another wallet created using...
  20. M


    what do you think of a Мonero?