1. P

    Looking for a video Model

    Hi , I am looking for a video model(male/female) that can make a quick video(5-15sec) of him/herself for the xvideo verification. You don't have to show your face nor do anything inappropriate, all you have to do is hold a paper with XVIDEOS and the username that I will provide you written on...
  2. K

    Looking for model scout

    As an Onlyfans model recruiter, your role will be to scout for hot, talented individuals who are ready to embrace their sexuality on camera. You'll be responsible for building the initial relationship, conducting interviews, and convincing potential models to join the adult entertainment, if she...
  3. sweetangellis

    How do you guys source Models for your OF or Video chatting Agency?

    Hey guys. I found a pretty nice way to earn passive income with video chatting apps. Girls get registered to those chatting apps through your angency and you will earn a percentage of their earnings. FYI: -There is no nudity involved, but of course how people are a bit of cleavage and so on...
  4. drsquirrel

    Seeking Advice from Seasoned OnlyFans Marketers

    Hi all. Longtime lurker of BHW and finally making my first post to get some much needed insight from the community. My GF and I created her OF profile a little over a year ago after seeing her popularity explode on an adult site that we had joined for fun. We were able to make her quite a bit...
  5. T

    Facebook onlyfans promotion

    Hey G's I currently manage and promote a Thai Onlyfans model. I've seen countless, large, active groups related to Thailand, singles, dates, etc. on Facebook. I have no experience on Facebook and am wondering what type of account I need to join these groups? can someone share their...
  6. Daryna_xxo

    I am a model looking for agency

    Hey, I I know this might be weird to see a girl here looking for a agency, but I rather see options here then randomly writing to so called YouTube onlyfans agency millionaires that sell their courses, it’s look to scetchy haha Basically I am looking for someone who can make $ out of my...
  7. domitea

    Need agents for my Onlyfans Agency

    Hello everyone. I am currently setting up an OnlyFans agency and need agents to bring models into my agnecy. The models can also work by me or from there home. Every agent who brings me a model that will sign our contract gets a monthly share of the income. For more information send me a DM.
  8. A

    I want help model on Only fans

    Hello My Name Luna and I am looking for Only fans agents that is good
  9. A

    Only Fans Model

    Hello my name Luna or Angel I think I like Luna better but you call me which one you like until I make choice for sure it is okay I use translator my english is no good. My friend she does the only fans, and she now get paid like 860,000 and this is not once but every month of year she paid...
  10. M

    OnlyFans Account - Third Party Content

    Hey friends, Can a Russian model/girl create an OnlyFans account if she has a permanent residence outside of Russia? Do OnlyFans not want any model with a Russian passport on the platform or only one residing in Russia? Hypothetically speaking, if you had the appropriate model release forms...
  11. Ksenia.

    I am Model Video Content Creator but have Problem with Payment Gateway Please Guide Me

    Hi Guys I Really Need your Guide I am Freelance Girl model and i am video content creator for insta and other ..... But i have some problem about payment especially when my video buyer want to Pay me money , because I Don't have PayPal and I cant use it * I want to use Cryptocurrency Wallet...
  12. P

    Looking for model for OnlyFans

    I invest on Marketing and my knowledge, you are the model. We share profits. They can be either man or woman
  13. A

    Tinder to snapchat adds guideline solution #1

    HQ best geo location tinder traffic problem all around . We tell you some secrete tinder snap adds , Many Snap Adds Re-seller, provider provide bad geo location traffic Many Fake lead/adds then you can not profited properly . But if you found a good snap adds provider guy then you can make...
  14. D

    Where to find adult models for onlyfans?

    I’m trying to figure out where I can find adult female models to do onlyfans management for. The problem is I need them to be new to it and not have existing accounts. It doesn’t quite work if they have existing accounts because I need to make brand new accounts for them regardless and get model...
  15. B

    Snapchat premium model need

    Hello everyone Looking some expart and Must have previous experience on this job. adult model Agency or team Who can work with me snap premium or adult topic. I have lot of hq usa snapchats adds Perday i handle snap traffic you drive your model. Per day chating your model minimum 5k adds...
  16. T

    Create a pornhub model "union" to increase traffic

    I was thinking about creating a new subreddit (or use an existing one), so all the newbie models could get some extra trafic. Please give me your feedback and share your ideas.
  17. T

    Tips for Growing an IG Model Account

    One of my clients is an "Instagram Model" with 15K followers. Her engagement has really dropped over the past year. She used to get 100-200 comments on each post but now it's more like 20-30 comments. Apparently she bought some fake followers a few times (in small intervals) but that didn't...
  18. Jessica Monaco

    My journey to becoming a pornhub feature

    Growing up the way I did was tough. Nothing came easy. I always had my looks. But they started to back fire on me. So I woke up one morning and decided to give porn hub a try. I’ve posted things anonymously here and there but I figured I would take this seriously. To really make any money you...
  19. A

    Help with growing a male vanity account

    Hey guys, I recently got a request from a client who's a 22 year old male who's trying to make a vanity account of him. Its a vanity project. He wanted to gather a following of women from Eastern and Central Europe. The thing is, I took the job but don't know how to market this. Should I grow...
  20. R_Fatale

    Advice on release forms, for porn models and producers.

    Hello everyone! If any of you have had done photography shoots/produced content commercially or worked in the filming industry, I have some questions that you might be able to help me with. I'd like to know what is a release form? How can it be used? Why is it important to have a release...
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