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    BIGO Ads: a great alternative to TikTok

    We’re always in search of new types of traffic to recommend to our publishers, so today we want to talk about one of them. BIGO ADS is an advertising network with traffic in a TikTok analog - Likee and imo messenger (exclusive for BIGO ADS). Even though this is a relatively new traffic source...

    Mobile subscriptions: get your profit with easy leads

    We’ve published a number of articles on mVas offers, but we know that some newbies still have doubts on whether to try them out. So we present a new full guide on how to work with mVas: from choosing the offers (flows, billings, operators) to choosing a traffic source and creatives for working...

    Anyone working with mobile subscriptions?

    Hey guys? Do you work with mobile subscriptions? Why/why not?

    why mVas is a universal solution for media buyers

    One of our top verticals is the mVas vertical (if you don’t remember what it is or missed our article, check it out here). We have seen many different scenarios playing out before us as affiliates start working with these offers: both successful cases and cases where it would be great to have...

    CPI: why TOP affiliates work with it

    With networking and talking to lots of experts in the field we've singled out the following trends: (1) verticals and brands aspire to become more white-hat and thus (2) affiliate marketers are looking for other interesting verticals with great revenue. While working with gambling is great and...

    mVas offers: why try them

    Hi there! We have prepared an information article on how to work with mVas offers. We hope you find it useful. Should you have any questions, please, ask them in the comments below...
  7. Mor Dov

    AdMaven - Push notification, Popads and more. high rates and fast payments

    AdMaven is a leading direct-traffic network, selling +5 Billion daily impressions across multiple formats worldwide. Powered by AI and over 10 years of online advertising experience, you will find your performance and branding campaigns are finally able to achieve the ROI and reach you were...
  8. Demian Mash


    Check our platform -> * THE PRODUCT IS RELEVANT FOR 2023 **Kindly wait for all the images to load :) Telegram Email [email protected] Website - EVERY EFFORT HAS BEEN MADE TO ACCURATELY REPRESENT THIS...
  9. Mozshura

    Monetization of my site

    Hello everyone, I have a lot of mobile traffic, the theme of my site is games, I don’t know how to monetize it with a profit? Maybe there are options, I will listen to you.
  10. Namir

    Where to find most direct affiliate traffic from arab countries?

    Hey guys, Does anyone know what would the best place / network / program to get as direct affiliates traffic as possible (specifically for Middle East and North African Mobile traffic) ?
  11. Namir

    Joining BHW

    Hello community ! I joined BHW to find traffic opportunities for my business. I really look forward to engage with pro an efficient partners through this forum!
  12. crissdinesh

    Googleweblight traffic - What it is?

    Hi BHW, My blog (on custom domain blogger) is receiving traffic from So, is my site optimized for slower network mobile users? Also, I would like to know whether it's an organic traffic since I could not find it in organic results on blogger. Need clarity on this. Thanks.
  13. Speppo

    Adsense and mobile traffic

    hi guys, am I the only one here to have problems with mobile traffic regarding adsense? While the traffic from desktop and tablet brings clicks, the mobile doesn't convert well despite being the big slice of traffic do you have any advice? Thx :D
  14. dimitza

    How to earn more from mobile traffic?

    Hey guys. I have a few rewarding apps that are published on Google Play Store, in total around 10k of active users. Users are completing different tasks(installing other apps, watching videos etc...) and they obtain points which they can later exchange for a real reward(PayPal money, Amazon gift...
  15. GoodLife Naciri

    AIRPUSH PROBLEM "Please enter a valid domain name"

    Hi, I was creating a campaign on airpush and when I enter my landing page domain name (a wix free website btw) they say That I have to enter a valid domain name, I tracked it with google analytics and it still doesn't work, please help me !!!!!!!!
  16. malam

    (JV) My Adult mobile traffic your plan

    Hello BHW I have a large number of adult mobile traffic daily. I think someone can monetize them to money. Please send me your contact if you have any plan. Thanks
  17. S

    AMP Issue????

    Hello Friends, Is there anyone who can help me to get back my AMP page in google search result. The amp pages were showing before the 23rd of June after that I is creating problems, I was using WordPress AMP plugin, I thought there is issue with the plugin then I deactivated that and generate...
  18. Q

    Any Good Source/Guide For Paid Or Free Mobile Traffic..

    I am looking paid or free mobile traffic source, Anyone can suggest me method ?? Thanks in advance.
  19. ergoprime

    Amazon Affiliate Mobile Commission Problem

    I heard that many people who browse on their phone through the web and click on a affiliate link, which redirects them to a amazon product, close their web browser and buy the product with the amazon app. Now my question: Do I still get the commission? The Tracker-ID of my affiliate link is...
  20. bithome

    Mobile Ad Network needed - Adult Niche CPM/CPC

    Hey there, finally found a good adult affiliate program wich converts good with non-mobile traffic and has conversions about 1:25 on mobile devices. Wich Mobile Ad Network for adult content do you prefer?
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