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Mar 16, 2022
We’re always in search of new types of traffic to recommend to our publishers, so today we want to talk about one of them.

BIGO ADS is an advertising network with traffic in a TikTok analog - Likee and imo messenger (exclusive for BIGO ADS). Even though this is a relatively new traffic source, our partners have already shown some great volumes in Asia and the Middle East. It’s great to use for mVas offers and other verticals.

So, let’s see how you can start with BIGO ADS: from setting up an account to launching the campaign (and everything you need to know in between).

What to expect from BIGO ADS​

We carried out a bit of a survey to see what affiliates are most interested in and then asked our partners to share their experience. Here is what we got:
Can you access it with self-registration?

For advertisers the platform is still working in a semi-private mode. With self-registration you can start a campaign, but it will be declined immediately. You can access advertisements only through agent ad accounts.

How big is BIGO’s audience?​

According to the latest official statistics - more than 200 mln. Obviously, it’s not TikTok with its 1bln+, but audience overlap is not more than 23% (with Instagram it’s 43%).

What are key GEOs?​

The list of GEOs might vary, but the focus now is on Russia, the Middle East and Asia.

Can you start with an app in Play Market?​

Yes. Driving traffic from apps means higher audience activity, and the optimization is really quick and efficient. The downside is that pixels don't have many events.

How to set up a campaign in BIGO ADS and what strategy to choose​

As any other traffic source, BIGO ADS has its own peculiarities in terms of budget for ad set, scaling, algorithms etc. Here are some tips from our partners:
  • One ad set equals one approach;
  • Ad set budget should be at its minimum - $20-30, ad sets with this budget show better results (based on our experience);
  • BIGO algorithms adjustments take more time than Facebook. Once you launch the campaign, don’t rush to any conclusions about the efficacy ad sets and give the algorithms time;
  • If you work with apps, CVR should not exceed 10%;
  • After you find the right combination, ask for more ad accounts and copy it there.
When it comes to setting up campaigns, the process is pretty similar to that in Facebook and TikTok.

First you need to give a link to your app. We open “Library” and choose “App Event”, then we “Create New App”. In “Download URL” we put a link to the app that we will use and push “Next”.


Let’s put links to the tracker in “Click Tracking URL” and “Impression Tracking URL”. Press “Submit”. If everything is fine, the platform will let it. If not, the system will show you that you made a mistake.


Then we go to “Campaign” and click on “+Create”. Here we also have a hierarchy (as we do in Facebook). You can have a group of ads in one campaign.


Some peculiarities in the BIGO ADS setup:
In “Advertising objective” let’s choose “App install” (because we work with apps). Check “No limit” for the budget.


Daily Budget — $20-30.


Optimization goal - installs. Bidding model - depending on the GEO you work with.


While adding creatives follow the scheme: 1 campaign - 1 ad group - 5+ creatives.


You can choose preview for your BIGO creatives. Also, be very specific with choosing tag words. The system will be able to find a better audience faster if the tags are relevant.



Next step - sending the campaign for moderation. If you remember, BIGO ADS has manual moderation. In “Overview” you can follow your campaigns and everything:


You can also set a pixel in BIGO ADS. If you need a tutorial for that, let us know in the comments below and we’ll prepare it for you :)
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