mobile page speed

  1. HenryObi

    How Do I Fix CLS and LCP Issues On My Website

    I've been trying to improve the performance of this particular site especially with speed and UX. I've managed to improve the Google page speed insight from around 17 to between 88 and 90 it varies sometimes but within this range for both mobile and desktop views. Unfortunately, these improves...
  2. fxkool

    Need someone to fix the page speed

    Hi, I got a relatively low score on Google PageSpeed insights for the mobile view of the website. I checked the issues and the main driver was the server response time. I reached out to my web host support with the same question but did not get any help from them, they told everything looks...
  3. akshay_saini

    How to increase Page Mobile Speed for SEO?

    One of my website's desktop speed in Google speed test is above 90 but mobile speed is around 64. It was 47 initially but I complied Google recommendations and it is now at 64. As you know Site speed is now an important factor in SEO and majority of user also visit through their mobile. I want...