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  1. Mus4shi

    [Mobile Apps/Games Empire] Journey to $10,000/month with iOS & Android Empire

    Hello, From today I’m gonna start my journey until the end of 2024. I wanna be able to generate about $10,000 monthly from my games and apps network across Google Play Store and App Store. I’m writing this journey to follow up with my progress and share my journey of building this empire . Now...
  2. Mankar Camoran

    [Journey] Building a Mobile Apps Empire

    This will be my diary to share thoughts and ideas with myself and you. so when ever i feel hopless i come here and read and remeber where i have came and where im going I will start building apps and publishing them on the Play Store. I have chosen Flutter as my development platform. I have...
  3. nakamura

    ⭐ [eBook] Rank & Earn Money on Autopilot with High-Revenue Mobile Apps & Games ⏩ Create AdMob & Developer Accounts ✅ No Coding Required ❌

    Ultimate Guide on How to Rank and Earn Money with Free iOS & Android Games and Apps within 4 Weeks. No Coding Required. This eBook filled with strategies and step-by-step methods is going to explain how I made more than $100k from apps and games within 3 years. Currently earning a passive...
  4. spamco


    hey guys im back again with a new updated method to create multiple accounts without getting banned working in 2023 , this method is for free im still using it to this day the method : 1- get dolphine browser / its the same as multilogin but the good thing that it lets you create 10...
  5. xDyablo

    Journey To 100k Building Mobile Apps and Bots

    Hello Blackhatters First of all , i'm not an english speaker so bare with me i will try my best to express myself I'm writing this thread post to motivate myself , i'm a python and .net dev + i have an experience to sell offline and online , so have no problem to sell something i'm interested...
  6. BusinessMachine


    Ready to quit your J.O.B. and start making real money? “Now You Can Launch a Mobile Apps Agency and Make Money Online Every Day From the Comfort of Home… …Even if You Have No Idea How To Start and Have Never Written a Line of Code in Your Life!” Let’s face facts: You’ll never get rich working...
  7. spamco

    Solutions To All Reskin Problems

    Im Back to smash dollars again , if you from morocco/tangier leave a comment or contact me i be happy to work together and share knowledge, even if you are not from morocco that fine , you all welcome guys i promise i share anything i know to help also you can ask me here in comments about...
  8. Vccbaba

    ⚡⚡- Buy Unlimited Instant Google Play Developer Console Accounts & Virtual Credit Cards!

    ⚡⚡- Buy Unlimited Instant Google Play Developer Console Accounts & Virtual Credit Cards! ⚡⚡- Get Premium Unlimited Instant Google Play Developer Console Accounts & Virtual Credit Cards! You can buy unlimited google play console accounts & virtual credit cards on any name...
  9. Patchy420

    How do you earn with your IOS App?

    I know on android you earn with AdMob and other networks by displaying ads within your app But how do you monetize your ios app? -Is it has to be an in-game purchase? -subscription feature? I'm a bit confused Any Help would be wonderful! Thanks.
  10. spamco

    my mobile app journey 20k month - from hero to zero

    from making 20k dollars in month to zeros , i dropped from school in 2017 , i staretd wagging working regular jobs for hours ,my family is really poor i didnt know where is my life is going , everything about my life was terrible i had nothing no friends no hobbies nothing , i worked all day...
  11. spamco

    The Ending Of Reskin - mobile apps

    i have easy time finding niches i have apps that got 100k in less than a month + i can create multiple account without problem i can create hundres of account , but for what ? all this apps i get 0 dollars from the reason is = admob limit + facebook blocked traffic problem - they dont...
  12. spamco

    Hi I'm From Tanger

    Hey Guys I work on reskin mobile apps I'm From Tanger Morocco, anyone here lives here
  13. aminosi

    [JOURNEY] Road to 1K $ a month with GOOGLE PLAY SPAM

    HI there , I'm amine and I'm 22 Yo , I live in Morocco .I just finish my studies and graduated as a civil engineer . I've been on IM since 2015 , I ve earned from google play apps , selling some services on fiverr , doing cpa with instagram , selling instagram accounts... I was making around...

    Android journey - $50k in 5 months

    Hello everyone, I'm a Desperate,Lazy and Procrastinator Man 22/yo turning 23 in 17 Days, 2500$ in dept with some bucks to live, I've been in Mobile apps since 2015 and this is my monthly routine : Work 3/4 days to get some apps published - make enough money to buy food and spend the rest of the...
  15. M

    who am I?

    Yo folks, This is Abdel with over 2years experience on google play, I've been building and publishing both apps & games to google play since 2k16. I've spent one entire year doing nothing but studying google algorithm.. and beleive me its crazy, you ll never get to the buttom of it BUUUUUUUT...
  16. K


    Hi, I'm a new member but I've been browsing without a membership since July, I'm interested on mobile apps development but i have no experience or some one to guide me, can someone tell me the basic thing i'll need or the basic courses to join or learn ? Note: i can't afford paying any thing on...
  17. iimpact

    Looking for mobile app cpa network

    I have a website with mobile app reviews and my audience is really into reviews so I can get a lot of app installs. Is there an affiliate network which would pay me to recommend their apps to my users?
  18. H

    Ecommerce Website in Dot Net or PHP

    Please You Must Be Very Experienced .NET or PHP Developer and don’t be your time waster and over claimer. If you can complete this project only then take it otherwise please save your valuable time. Donot Try to Get This Project as a TRY, You Must Be Able To Show Me Your Previous Ecommerce...
  19. Latoon Technologies

    Designers/Programmers: No upfront,no risk. ABSOLUTELY FREE CUSTOM MOCK UPS.. Pay if U are satisfied!

    Our Refund Policy
  20. livelearning

    need ppi install, app install, desktop install publisher.?..

    Hello guys, i have ppi packages want to distribute globally and specific location. please help me doing so. I need real time install. skype-arvindsahu1407 thanks In Advance.
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