1. A

    MMA - Mixed Martial Arts Writer

    Hey, Looking for someone who is deep into MMA to write educational and some general/top/tips type articles. Long term work for the write person. = Must be Native English Writer. = Must have some expert level MMA knowledge. Quote your per 1000 words price. Thank you,
  2. A

    Any research into Saleh Stevens MMA?

    Is Saleh Stevens MMA real?
  3. Elon Musk

    What do you think about UFC?

    I don't know how I came up with this question in the middle of my work. However, I wanted to make a new thread about this and possibly hear your opinion. What is your opinion about UFC fighters, the path to become professional UFC fighter and in general UFC? After all, who is your favorite...
  4. J

    Anyone watching UFC today?

    Anyone watching Weidman vs Machida UFC175
  5. E

    HELP- Adding Amazon or other affiliate store to WordPress

    I have a martial arts related site and I have been trying to sell gear through articles with reviews and amazon links. I want to upgrade and add a full store to the site so I can promote that I sell gear as well but I want to know the best way to go about it. Is Amazon the best choice to have a...
  6. dexterfly

    $1 billion business of blood sport

    hi everyone, I just received the May edition of Entrepreneur magazine in the mail and the cover article is about MMA and how the sport has become one of the most profitable business in the world. I love to watch UFC nights, specially because the brazilian dominate it all. :) But the...
  7. BHBodeezy

    Kimbo Acting like a striaght bit*h

    What was the deal with kimbo last night ? Took a shot to the face and was out like a light bulb lol. Seems to me that he needs to hang it up before he fights someone with some real skillz lol. Kimbo = Joke He should of stuck to the streets man. Last night was a poor and terrible display...
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