1. Y

    Crypto Mining

    Hii guys, Lately i've been doing a lot of research on the internet and came across a silent miner. I have access to over 1000+ computers now and i was wondering for any tips, collabs or partnerships regarding the use of all these computers for mining. Please share me your thoughts. Gr,
  2. Sidaretta

    %51 Attack on Blockchain

    Hi everybody I'm blockchain researcher, and I need more details about %51 Attack on Blockchain, unfortunately I couldn't find any details about this, can anyone help me or introduce any reference for me?
  3. Mackie Tjan

    Bitcoin miner with dell power edge R710

    So I have a server at home I use to code stupid stuff with. Nothing major. Was wondering if I could program the server to mine for bitcoins. Or join it to a pool that’s win server based.
  4. Kabone

    Looking for C/C++ developer to help port cryptocurrency miner to Unique Platform

    I am looking for someone to help me port over a monero miner to an older architecture (Cell Broadband Engine). I am much to busy to do it myself, and it should be easy for the right person. You must be familiar with optimizing and be fluent in Assembly. I have devices that you will be able to...
  5. BMW™

    JS Miners For Other Crypto?

    Hello as title says i wanted to know is there any js mining site/script that also mine other crypto than XMR? I till will be great to mine other due to difficulties of XMR we are getting low hashrate :confused: If any one knows any then please let us know, Thanks :rolleyes:
  6. Dinho80

    Computta smart miner scam or a ponzi scheme

    I came across this software Computta smart miner through a friend and he ask me to go for it that its free and worthwhile. After visiting their website I began to have second thought that this software is pure scam and or a ponzi scheme. What I discovered (1) There website look unprofessional...
  7. IamNRE

    If you are a crypto miner - be careful... you might get hacked!

    All miners: Keep safe.... be aware of hackers exploiting this hack to steal your crypto currency: https://medium.com/@s3yfullah/hacking-cryptocurrency-miners-with-osint-techniques-677bbb3e0157
  8. A

    What is the best JavaScript miner? Coinhive?

    Hello. What is the best JavaScript miner? Coinhive?
  9. L

    Looking for a stealth/hidden/silent/... Litecoin miner

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum so i hope i've put this thread at the right location! I'm looking for a stealth/hidden/silent/... Litecoin miner, can anyone suggest me a good one that will cost me around $20 or less? The ones I found already were scams or didn't work properly. Thx in...
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