1. MikeX93

    Midjourney Mastery Course for Etsy - Sell Digital Downloads by Using AI - A Step-by-Step 2 Hours Course for Beginners

    Hey! Mike from ECOM Bird here. The Midjourney Mastery Course for ETSY is now AVAILABLE! This 2 hour and a half guide includes all the steps that are necessary for your success on Etsy for selling AI generated Artwork with Midjourney. The link for the COURSE can be found HERE Price: $149...
  2. Etsy Midjourney Mastery Course - Corrected

    Etsy Midjourney Mastery Course - Corrected

  3. etsy midjourney course

    etsy midjourney course

  4. codeman1234

    What prompt I can use for this?

    Hello, I am using Midjourney and Dalle to create images of specific locations for example of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium empty during the day but it seems that both AI generate different stadiums that is not the real Dallas Cowboys stadium, so, my question is what would be the correct prompt so...
  5. R

    Where can I find a trustworthy apportionment (group buy)?

    I want to subscribe to tools like Midjourney, artificial intelligence tools, online ad spying tools, among other tools. But I don't find good reliable apportionments, I don't find good "group buys". I need directions.
  6. D53LqdS.png


  7. BullseyeZ

    Best way to get views/impressions, likes and followers

    Hello, BlackHatWorld users! I'm an AI Artist with an experience of over a year in the AI Art Generation field (with Stable Diffusion, MidJourney, Dall-E etc.) and recently I created 3 social media accounts to showcase my artworks (1 on Twitter, 1 on Instagram and 1 on Reddit). Started posted on...
  8. br1go

    [Opened Vacancy] Prompt Engineer + Graphic Designer

    We need to generate content for our social media (static images + reels). Basically, we need to: 1. Generate photorealistic images (StableDiffusion, Midjourney, Dall-e, Ideogram, etc). 2. Edit artifacts in Photoshop. 3. Insert our products into the scene. ONLY for experienced. Please DM your...
  9. tunks

    [Guide] How to automate Midjourney AI

    Disclaimer: Use it only for research, midjourney don't allow automation or bots. I'm not responsible for any misuse of this information. This content is provided 'as is' and is meant to be used for educational purposes only. Always adhere to the terms of service and community guidelines of any...
  10. tunks

    ✅[Course + Workflow] Make Money with AI IMAGES - ⚡ Build passive income ⚡ - ❤️ Copy my workflow ❤️

    This course will guide you on how to generate images with AI for stock image websites. The cool thing is, stock websites bring the customers to you. All you have to do is to upload the images and that's it. Sales will come in automatically, with no need for customer support, ads, or marketing...
  11. Followlix

    [RESULTS] Uploading AI-generated images to stock websites [5 MONTHS IN]

    I want to start by saying that this is not an on-going journey, but the results of one I've tried and failed. I hope this post showcases things you didn't know about this topic, and helps you decide if this is something you should pursue or not. - - - - Among the many things I do online...
  12. A

    free AI Image Generators

    hi there i have Synthesys Visual account so if you want free AI Image Generators give me your promd in the comment
  13. L

    1100 Midjourney Prompts

    Got this from some where else. Thanks to some one whom I dont know. Sales Page - hXXps://alessandrozamboni.clickfunnels.com/midjourneypromptsempire Copy to your drive before it is taken down.
  14. tardigrada

    fully automated AI workflow for creating YouTube Shorts / TikTok videos

    I was bored last night so I stayed up late playing with some A.I. tools. I'm not affiliated with any of them, and I'm sure each has multiple alternatives just like it. The idea was to make YouTube shorts, or TikTok videos in the form of short stories in a FULLY automated process For this...
  15. tattooedbuddha

    [GUIDE] Create Vector Art From Midjourney Images (100% FREE)

    You can now create stunning vector art using a combination of Midjourney and a bot called Tracejourney. Don't know what vector art is? It's basically art created with mathematical equations, like connecting dots with lines. This enables resizing without the image getting blurry, since the...
  16. Waqar Ashraf

    Is there MidJourney API?

    Hello everyone, I want to add MidJourney to my AI tool. But I cant find its API. please any guidance?

    Open AI, Midjourney Account + virtual cards for Ai platforms

    Open AI trial Account Open Ai account plus a month subscription midjourney account + one month subscription Virtual Credit Cards for subscriptions on the above platforms and many more Open AI trial account cost (15 usd) midjouney Account ( Basic Plan) 25 usd Open ai one month gpt plus...
  18. StrawhatSalmo

    Midjourney AI integration into a website

    Hello this is my first post! My current query is whether there is a possible way of implementing the text-to-image AI into a website?
  19. Bala911

    AI generated 3D logo - Need Expert Advise

    Below is the link of the image I've managed to create using an AI generator for a logo. I'm happy with this iconic look of the logo. But I'm confused on how I can use it. It's a must to have a flat icon? Will it look weird if I have the 3D look as it is on my marketing collaterals like business...
  20. designer style

    A social media like Twitter but people share their awesome prompts!

    https://www.snackprompt.com/ NOT AD, OR AFF
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