1. CrazeWiz

    PlayerUp.com MiddleMan Service is a Total Scam! (Lost 50K Reddit sub/$400)

    I sold a Reddit sub (50K subs) for $400 (and included a Reddit account that was a Mod on the Sub and an associated Redgifs account) using the Middleman service. The buyer paid, took control of the accounts and marked everything as satisfied by 6th December 2023. The estimated time for funds to...
  2. draco02

    Introducing a middleman service

    Maybe ive over seen it, but i found no option on here to contact a middleman that will help with the transaction Why doesnt BHW introduce the option to hire a middleman? It would be good to avoid people being scammed
  3. kingdombunniez

    Playerup.com/ Middleman is really bad feels like I'm getting scammed (no account, no money back)

    I don't know where to put this, in which forum. But a month ago I bought a reddit account via playerup.com and then their "escrow" service middleman. I thought this would be the safest way. I've paid $110 for an account. But so far have not heard anything. I have send multiple support tickets...
  4. Socialpanda

    Middleman service available here?

    i want to trade with a new people, i already provide the account without taken any payment, he want to test that account for 5 minute thats why i have provide the access, but he had changed everything without inform me also didnot responded my massage, then i recovered account access, after 5...
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