1. draco02

    Introducing a middleman service

    Maybe ive over seen it, but i found no option on here to contact a middleman that will help with the transaction Why doesnt BHW introduce the option to hire a middleman? It would be good to avoid people being scammed
  2. kingdombunniez

    Playerup.com/ Middleman is really bad feels like I'm getting scammed (no account, no money back)

    I don't know where to put this, in which forum. But a month ago I bought a reddit account via playerup.com and then their "escrow" service middleman. I thought this would be the safest way. I've paid $110 for an account. But so far have not heard anything. I have send multiple support tickets...
  3. Socialpanda

    Middleman service available here?

    i want to trade with a new people, i already provide the account without taken any payment, he want to test that account for 5 minute thats why i have provide the access, but he had changed everything without inform me also didnot responded my massage, then i recovered account access, after 5...