microsoft edge

  1. hatterftw1

    Anyway to view or recover the text from live text chat I had on a website ? (Was On MICROSOFT EDGE)

    I'm not really sure how to exactly ask this and this is really out of desperation as a last ditch hope. So I was in a hour long instant live type text chat built into a website with a colleague and before we closed out chat I intended to copy and paste the chat log for notes I would need. But...
  2. VideoPod

    Is there a "utility" for uninstalling Microsoft Edge?

    Is there a "utility" for uninstalling Microsoft Edge? I could have sworn I had gotten rid of it in previous updates but the 1803 Newest Update just dumps it back in the Windows 10 O/S during it's update. Is there a "Utility" for finding this devil and uninstalling it?