Anyway to view or recover the text from live text chat I had on a website ? (Was On MICROSOFT EDGE)


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May 23, 2012
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I'm not really sure how to exactly ask this and this is really out of desperation as a last ditch hope.

So I was in a hour long instant live type text chat built into a website with a colleague and before we closed out chat I intended to copy and paste the chat log for notes I would need. But being exhausted I totally forgot and was just in a hurry to close the page. Is there anyway possible that the text i typed and or was being typed to me is somehow saved/cached or something in some form deep on Windows OS files or in Microsoft Edge data that I can dig into and recover this text ? or on the website in some form that I can locate with some trick ?

If this helps I still have not closed micrisoft edge yet, and I'm still logged into the website where we had this chat, and I also was not using private mode or anything. So I'm hoping by some stretch there is some way I can still view this text by some trickery or something. It was a typical type live chat thing, I type press enter it posts the text the other user does the same ect. the log just keeps going up with more text.

Anyone have any idea on this ? or am I screwed ?