micro niche finder

  1. Navyoscar45

    Is there any tool to find high cpc niches

    Hey guys, please am looking for a tool that can find high cpc niches
  2. qrazy

    Please review my MNS

    Hi BHW members, I have built my site recently and need your feedback and opinion about it. http://micro-niche-site.com Thank you.
  3. breakaway

    Micro Niche Websites 5x500 Articles + Video, Make Google Love You!

    Reviews Re: Micro Niche Websites 5x500 Articles + Video, Make Google Love You! op provided service as advertised. If you do not want to focus on niche research, site setup, or article writing, this is a nice service to look into. service approved Re: Micro Niche Websites 5x500 Articles +...
  4. H

    Speed of Micro Niche Finder Vs. Market Samurai

    Hi Folks, I have MS right now and it is so ASS SLOW for finding new keywords. If you have MNF and MS, could someone please answer a couple of questions? 1. Is MNF faster than MS for keyword research & keyword analysis? 2. Is MNF just as good as MS for keyword research & keyword analysis...
  5. E

    I bought MNF,SB,TBS,XRumer,AMR,SENukeX,What Should I Do Next?

    I am a newbie and really want to make some money online. I just bought MNF (Micro Niche Finder), SB (ScrapeBox), TBS (The Best Spinner), XRumer, AMR (Article Marketing Robot) and SENukeX. Now what should I do next? Build a website and then blast? Hope you can give me some suggestions, Thanks...
  6. HealeyV3

    [HELP] Micro Niche Finder - Bulk Add Keywords?

    I know there is the built-in "Bulk Importer" that supports up to 100 phrases at a time. For what I want to do unfortunately, this is not nearly enough. I need to be able to add thousands of keywords into Micro Niche Finder and have them under 1 project. I know this is possible, but I'm just...
  7. M

    Last Days Only Few Results From MNF

    I get some surprising differences with all searches I do with MNF Mirco Niche Finder the last couple of days. Sometimes I get 1 result, sometimes 5, but never approx 90 if usually got. The reply I got from Tech Support: We get all our Search Count information from Google, and as you've...
  8. R

    Are you still using MNF ?

    I'm just wondering if you guys are still using MNF, or if you find more success with MS. I have both, but I just like the ease of MNF. I've heard people talking about how the SOC on MNF is a problem. I'm not quite sure what that problem is. Thought I'd check to see what the current...
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