micro niche blogging

  1. Tatu kh

    Is Micro niche still profitable? Planning to buy 10 Micro niche?

    Is Micro niche still profitable. Do I need to do some work like do on page SEO, Buy Backlinks etc. I am planning to buy 10 micro niche and see how much I can earn. I am planning to buy micro niche from here BHW Seller
  2. P

    Want To Start Blogging

    Hey Guys, Can you suggest me micro niche on which I can start blogging and gives high traffic for that blog. I appreciate your comments.
  3. O

    Need Suggestion What To Host Custom Domain On Blogspot For My Micro Niche Site

    Please I need suggestions I have domain names but I don't have money to host am considering hosting on blogger, do that make sense or can I get a free reliable host. how do seo work well in blogspot and hope i wont be penalised quickly, I know where to buy adsense some where extremley cheap and...
  4. wilsjac1

    Watch me Make $10,000/Month with Micro niche

    Alright guy's so some of you know me now but most of you don't, those of you that know me know that i mostly make money through social media, spamming etc... this is because i suck at designing webpages, i am terrible at blog posts but i am getting sick of spamming it i feel like there is a much...
  5. N

    Micro NIche Site and Adsense Earning

    I need a favour from BHW members. I want to buy a Micro MIche site but not have idea about it. If i invest money then it will be beneficial or not? I need your suggestions. If i buy this package how much the adsense earning per day. Trail Package: 1 Micro Niches site 3 Unique articles 50...
  6. StartupBros

    [JV]I build micro niche sites, you promote them, we split the money

    I can build micro niche sites, you can promote them, we split all earnings for the lifetime of the website. Looking to do about 50 total. They will all host spun content. I will set everything up, just dont have the software or time to set up senuke, scrapebox, other seo things. I host, you...
  7. festeris101

    How many sites per IP?

    Hi, I plan on using a VPS to host my micro niches and was wondering how many sites can use 1 IP? Is it best to grant each site a new IP? Also, Godaddy will only allow extra IP's with a SSL certificate. If the answer is to add more IP's for my sites are there any suggestions for hosting that...
  8. H

    100th Post - HYDRO's MicroNiche Blog Journal: Tracking guide to my journey.

    Hey everyone, I've been doing web and graphic design for a while now but have not took the time to invest in my own ventures for some longtime reoccurring income. So for my 100th post I've decided to start a new campaign building microniche blogs on EMD domains with low to mid competition. By...
  9. I

    Wordpress Micro Niche Blog - Static Pages or Article Categorys?

    Hi I am doing a few Nicro Niche Blog Sites with wordpress. I have 7 different micro niche keywords, should I make for every keyword a static page in wordpress with unique articles or should I make article categorys and add the articles as posts? If I add it as Articles in Categorys...
  10. oceanz

    [HELP] can i target this keyword?

    hey guys :) i have recently started using market samurai. and i wanna enter micro-niche blogging. however i am still learning the ropes. i found a keyword with less than 50 searches a day and a potential click thru of 10 per day to the top ranking site acc to MS i did some competition reseach...
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