1. M

    Does Video Marketing OTHER THAN Youtube Work?

    I have tried making money on Youtube since the big update and failed miserably. I used enhanceviews and u2bviews and all of my videos were deleted within 1 day. (I was doing PPI, is this why? I don't know..) I have $0 and no proxies, if you can help me not get videos/accounts deleted let me...
  2. R

    Q : Cant upload video in metacafe

    :confused: does anyone know how to upload videos in metacafe ? the upload button on their site just redirect me to channel page, ive been using this before and after a few months metacafe have changed
  3. S

    metacafe question...

    is it just me or can no one alse upload to metacafe using tor because my status bar freezes once its finished uploading but when i dont use tor and upload its fine any way to fix this? please :(
  4. M

    Sexy vids on and Metacafe

    Hi, I've tried and Metacafe with 4 sexy vids. They got deleted within an hour, got nice traffic while they were up though. The sad thing is that they're full of videos that have more sexuality. They had no nudity, no 18+ language. They were just sexy. So what's your experience? Do...
  5. X

    Rip Off YouTube Videos For CPA Offers

    After I find a niche to promote I build my landing page. For example sake I?m going to talk about a ?Political Poll?. Some example question would be: Is the US ready for a Female President? Is Hillary worthy enough to be the first Female President? Who would make a better President, Obama...
  6. B

    here is how to EARN from metacafe...

    ok i do this all day... find new methods to earn online... n i come up with some gud ones... i own (file sharing) so i have loads n loads of bad traffic... so i am think of ways to earn more from it all day... ;) anyways... this is the metacafe way u can use.. the thing is...
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