1. mrrajrumel

    How to contact Media Support Portal?

    i need help from Facebook staff.
  2. d11

    My brand page is getting 5% of likes from a total amount of followers.

    So the problem is that IG doesnt show my posts to all of my followers, last week I had posts with 500-600 likes per most and the last couple days its like barely 60-70. When I check insights I see that my posts are being shown to only 200 followers instead of like 1500-2000. Please dont tell me...
  3. Green Bear

    [150 USD Only] Get Instagram Meta Verified On Your Desired Name And Profile Picture

    Hey BHW! Tired of struggling with account verification? Want to unlock the full potential of your Meta experience? Introducing our EXCLUSIVE monthly subscription service for META VERIFICATION ENABLED Instagram ACCOUNTS! For just a small monthly fee, you'll gain access to a verified Meta...
  4. k1ng1

    Meta verified Instagram ID picture not accepted !

    Hi Friends, Is anyone having a problem with Meta verified on Instagram? After payment I sent you ID both ways and it was rejected 3 times. in the second time I've changed mobile device but without success. The information on Instagram name, surname and birthday are the same as in the document...
  5. CyberCommander

    Tutorial - install your own SearXNG (privacy metasearch engine)

    Hi guys In this tutorial i will show you how you can install easy SearXNG in 10 minutes. What is SearXNG? SearXNG (Next Generation) is an open source metasearch engine that supports over 138 search engines and preserves your privacy. Public instances...
  6. Caviston


    I just received a meta notification to get the blue check. Paid, put my ID and now im verified for $15 per month. That account is based in South America... I guess the blue tick service is finally over. Hope you can get it too
  7. A

    Meta Threads in Europe

    Hi all, is there any way how I can use the new app from Meta "Threads" in Europe? Its not available in the appstore, not even if I use VPN. Regards
  8. K


    Do y’all think Smm panels will incorporate the new app Thread services in the near future? I’ve noticed IG severs are slow these days. Thanks
  9. KORO22

    Instagram started Threads! What do you think about this new social media?

    I want to ask you Blackhatworldians : 1) Did you already create account there? 2) What do you think about it, first opinion? 3) Any promotion ideas ? I start testing this new social, and for now, as I see is follow/unfollow ( need check limits) and commenting, also should try to do mentions in...
  10. alex270

    Instagram Boost Post/Advertising cost

    Hi How much (on average) will 1K Instagram followers cost if using Instagram Boost Post or Instagram ads? What will be the cost difference between buying from SMM websites and directly promoting on the Meta Ads platform? Thanks
  11. lalitramnani786


    Hey META-Lovers! Tired of struggling with account verification? Want to unlock the full potential of your Meta experience? Introducing our EXCLUSIVE monthly subscription service for META VERIFICATION ENABLED ACCOUNTS! For just a small monthly fee, you'll gain access to a verified Meta account...
  12. IMG_9886.jpeg


    Meta Verification
  13. Dorz

    Facebook restricted account

    Hello Guys! After a lot of effort i did, and lots of stuff i tried to do, i really don't know what to do.. My personal Fb account was restricted (a year ago!) and of course i tried to request a review after it happend but actually, i got the sh*tty message "Advertising access permanently...
  14. U

    FaceBook Pixel iOS 14.5 - What's wrong with it?

    Hello, how can I fix this warning? "The domain that prioritizes your iOS 14.5 event has not been selected. Your ad may not show to people who have opted out of tracking on devices running iOS 14.5 or later." Anyone has this problem? :( Thanks for help!
  15. Crypto Marketing

    Meta Is Preparing to Notify Employees of Large-Scale Layoffs This Week
  16. BlurryBit

    Tell me why should I be interested in Metaverse?

    Poor Zucku.
  17. TomTheCat

    Meta Hit With Massive Piracy Lawsuit Over Epidemic Sound Royalty

    Isn't this funny? Mark is a thief. Meta has been hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit demanding at least $142 million in damages. Epidemic Sound, a company that provides royalty-free music to YouTubers and other creators, claims that Meta hosts 94% of Epidemic's music in its own library...
  18. llrestio

    Popular anime downloading site using Adsense

    I am using this website called from a long time for downloading animes in 1080p quality called kayoanime and whoever created this website is using only adsense ad no popup no spammy ads. I am wondering how tf this guy isn't banned from google adsense. This website is similar to another website...
  19. Nancy224

    Facebook Rant

    My Facebook Rant! Back on 12/25/21, my ad account was hacked and an ad was placed using my information. Facebook notified me that my account appeared to have been compromised and THEY canceled my billing agreement with them automatically. I did all the security things they suggested (changed my...
  20. Nancy224

    Why should we trust Mark Zuckerberg's metaverse?

    Should we trust Zuckerberg’s vision of the metaverse? Are we travelling too fast towards a virtual world that is likely to replicate, even amplify, the existing problems from the digital world we’re leaving behind? Problems that include Facebook’s patently flippant attitude to our digital...
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